[robotics-worldwide] SYROCO'06 -- Call for Papers

Stefan Schaal sschaal at usc.edu
Fri Aug 19 09:04:39 PDT 2005

8th International IFAC Symposium on Robot Control
September 6-8, 2006
Bologna, Italy


CONTROL THEORY: Modeling and identification of robotic systems; 
Computer aided design and software engineering for robotic systems; 
Simulation methods (real-time, hardware-in-the- loop, control 
prototyping); Methods and software tools for the integration of 
robotic systems
COMPONENTS OF ROBOTIC SYSTEMS: Actuators (electric, hydraulic, 
pneumatic, piezoelectric, etc.); Sensors for robotic systems; Vision 
systems; Microelectronics and microcomputers for robotic systems
ROBOTIC DEVICES: Medical apparatus; Robotic assistants for humans; 
Biomechatronic devices
MOBILE ROBOTS: Localization; Trajectory planning and control; 
Submarine systems; Nonholonomic systems; Legged robots; Aerial robots
HAPTIC DEVICES: Control of haptic systems; Application of haptic systems
VIRTUAL REALITY APPLICATIONS: Systems for virtual reality; 
Applications of VR devices and principles
ADVANCED APPLICATIONS OF ROBOTS: Surgical devices; Robots in space; 
Telemanipulators; Networked robots


Bologna is a medium-size city, with about 600.000 inhabitants, with a 
history dating back the Etruscan age, with an outstanding heritage 
from the roman and middle age periods.
Bologna came to worldwide attention with the founding of the 
University in 1088, when two thousands students from all over Europe 
poured into the medieval "comune". It is reputed as the oldest 
University in the Western Society with more than 9 centuries of 
history and it is one of the major universities in Europe.
It is one of best preserved and most beautiful cities in Italy, with 
the center made of a labyrinth of ancient streets, exquisite squares, 
churches, monuments, and sweeping porticoes. 40 km of ochre-coloured 
arcades still shadow the streets-covered walkways that give Bologna 
its unique style.
It is well known for several reasons, among which the cultural 
aspects, the quality of life, the cuisine and wines.


October 15, 2005: Submission of Papers, Invited Sessions, Workshops 
and Tutorials
April 15, 2006: Decision on Contributions acceptance
May 15, 2006: Final Contributions due
May 30, 2006: Advance Registration

IPC Chair: Bruno Siciliano
NOC Chair: Claudio Melchiorri

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