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Nicole Hanafin nhanafin at MIT.EDU
Tue Apr 4 12:04:59 PDT 2006

>The Field and Space Robotics Laboratory
>Department of Mechanical Engineering
>Massachusetts Institute of Technology
>Applications invited for a postdoctoral research position in the MIT 
>Mechanical Engineering Field and Space Robotics Laboratory in the 
>areas of design, dynamics, planning and control of robotic and 
>mechatronic systems.  This position will offer the opportunity to do 
>research on a wide range of projects, including:
>o	Robotic systems for planetary surface exploration (sponsored 
>by NASA and NIAC)
>o	Robots for on-orbit maintenance and construction of space 
>satellites and structures (Sponsored by the Japanese Aerospace 
>Exploration Agency)
>o	High-speed vehicles and autonomous rovers  (Sponsored by 
>DARPA, US Army and the Ford Motors)
>o	Medical mechatronics with Harvard's BWH (Sponsored by the 
>Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology)
>o	Material handling mobile robots (Sponsored by the US Navy)
>o	Mechatronic devices using advanced polymer actuators 
>(Sponsored by the MIT/Cambridge University Initiative)
>A broad background in the designs, controls, and modeling of 
>non-industrial robot systems is essential.  Hands on experience with 
>robotic experimental systems, including sensors is key, as are good 
>written and spoken English skills, the ability to work well with a 
>variety of team members.  A Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering, 
>Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related field is 
>required.  The position is available now and the search will 
>continue until filled.  Applicants must be available for a minimum 
>of one year.  To apply please email a curriculum vitae, cover letter 
>and the name, telephone numbers, and email addresses of at least 
>three professional references, any technical papers, citizenship and 
>USA visa status, if any.  They should be sent via e-mail to: 
>Ms. Nicole M Hanafin
>FSRL Administrative Officer
>Massachusetts Institute of Technology
>nhanafin at MIT.EDU
>MIT is an equal opportunity-affirmative action employer.  We welcome 
>applications from qualified women and minorities.

Nicole M Hanafin
Administrative Assistant
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Field and Space Robotics Laboratory/3D Optical Systems Group
Tel: (617) 253-5592
Fax: (617) 258-7881
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