[robotics-worldwide] PhD student opening at the Swarm-Intelligent Systems Group, EPFL

Correll Nicolaus nikolaus.correll at epfl.ch
Tue Apr 4 12:33:01 PDT 2006

The Swarm-Intelligent Systems Group is looking for a PhD Student in the field of Structural Dynamics and Control.

In order to span wide rivers economically, suspension and cable-stayed bridges with large free spans are required. Such structures are suscepible to vibrations due to strong winds and, presently, these vibrations are their main limiting design factor. 
The main objective of this project is to investigate vibration control strategies using distributed, adjustable, and actively actuated winglets mounted on the bridge deck. The project is highly interdisciplinary and combines knowledge from the fields of structural and fluid dynamics, distributed structural sensing, actuation, and control. 
The work is subdivided into a theoretical part dealing with numerical simulation, and an experimental part for the verification of control strategies using a bridge model in a wind channel. Applicants must hold a university degree (MSc), possibly in mechanical engineering or micro-engineering. A strong knowledge in mechanics and control theory, as well as experimental skills are required. 
The project is a co-operation between the Swiss Federal Laboratories of Materials Testing and Research (EMPA) (http://www.empa.ch/) and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) (http://www.epfl.ch). 
It will be co-supervised by Prof. A. Martinoli (Swarm-Intelligent Systems Group, EPFL, http://swis.epfl.ch), Prof. M. Parlange (Laboratory of Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology, EPFL, http://eflum.epfl.ch/index.en.php, and Dr. Daniel Gsell (Structural Engineering Research Laboratory, EMPA, http://www.empa.ch/plugin/template/empa/626/*/---/l=2). Aspects of structural dynamics and aero-elasticity will be overseen by EMPA researchers, while distributed control, sensing and actuation, and theoretical and experimental fluid dynamics will be overseen by EPFL faculty. 

If this project interests you and you are motivated by the prospect of working in a small team within an interdisciplinary scientific environment, please contact Prof. Martinoli (alcherio.martinoli at epfl.ch) for further information, or send a detailed application.

This job posting is also available at http://www5.epfl.ch/swis/page2209.html.

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