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Javier Minguez jminguez at unizar.es
Thu Apr 27 01:16:27 PDT 2006

Full-day Workshop: 

Autonomous Sensor-Based Motion for Complex Robots in Complex Environments

May 15, 2006, Orlando, FL, USA

At the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

( <http://www.icra2006.org/> http://www.icra2006.org/)


Web page:



  Javier Minguez (UZ) and Florent Lamiraux (LAAS-CRNS)


Overview :


Robots are everyday more complex and the working scenarios more demanding.
This way, autonomous motion in this context is an active research domain,
where new directions are currently been explored to provide reliable


With the evolution of sensor technology, the coupling between perception and
motion is tighter than ever. Robots see farther and better and work is done
in modelling, paving the way for novel theoretical approaches in the domain
of motion planning and obstacle avoidance. Social interactions and safety is
another aspect that is becoming more and more important, as robots are
evolving out of laboratories in places populated with people and more
generally in dynamic environments. Furthermore, robots with many degrees of
freedom or dynamic systems with high dimensional state space raise specific
issues that are tackled by a few research teams in the robotics community.


The intended audience of the workshop are students, researchers and
companies interested in having a panorama of the on going research in
autonomous motion generation.





Javier Minguez

"Ramón y Cajal" researcher

Computer Science and Systems Engineering

University of Zaragoza, Spain

 <http://webdiis.unizar.es/~jminguez/> http://webdiis.unizar.es/~jminguez/



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