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Call for Papers IEEE Transactions on
Automation Science and Engineering

Special Issue on Home Automation

Automation plays an increasingly important role in the home
environment.  With advances in automation, homes can potentially
become the places where people can interact with the world and receive
a number of services, now distributed in many different places, from
hospitals to shops, to libraries to museums.  Modern automation is
providing new methods, components, and architectures that, when
implemented in a home, allow for highly personalized services at an
affordable cost. Similarly, automation industries see the potential of
developing a consumer market in parallel to the established
professional market. Home automation is thus broad and includes man
machine interface issues, energy usage and task planning and
management, intelligent non-intrusive automation systems, highly
distributed sensing and actuation, automation devices into everyday
objects, privacy issues, safety and security protocols, new
telecommuting and production paradigms, and ethics of a changing
society. This Special Issue aims to publish original, significant and
visionary papers describing scientific methods and technologies that
improve efficiency, productivity, quality and reliability in all areas
of home automation.  The central theme of the Special Issue is on
recent progress in home automation.  Special attention will be paid to
papers focusing on integrating various elementary technologies
creating interdisciplinary systems, and to solve specific home
automation problems, such as those mentioned above.  Submissions of
scientific results from experts in academia and industry worldwide are
strongly encouraged.  Topics to be covered include, but are not
limited to,

          Energy usage and task management to balance energy loads, and
to plan and coordinate tasks of daily living.
          Truly friendly and multi-modal home interfaces, capable of
gesture/emotion recognition, visual expression understanding,
emotional perception, natural language understanding, etc.
          Intelligent non-intrusive home automation systems capable of
understanding the normal execution of tasks of daily living, detecting
unexpected events, and availing of context awareness.
          Handling of highly distributed devices, capable of handling a
large amount of data from distributed sensors and actuators, most
likely using wireless protocols connecting fixed and wearable
          Active furniture, equipped with new generations of sensors
and actuators, such as autonomous coffee tables, arm-equipped kitchen,
and intelligent beds.
          Privacy, security and safety, to ensure data analysis
correctness, actuators safety, robustness to data overload and storms,
protecting against break-ins and intrusions, and to provide safety for
children and senior citizens.
          New telecommuting and production paradigms to support
advances in manufacturing technologies that may foster new types of
home manufacturing.
          Ethical issues to evaluate the risks of the introduction of
home automation based services.
          New professions and economic impact, to address the issue of
preparing a new era of technical people, specifically trained for the
needs of home automation.
          Application and demonstration, to present results of
technology integration into operational systems, including home
offices and distributed home manufacturing, health care and
telemedicine, transportation and mobility support, better living and
intelligent furniture, safe homes and environmental monitoring.

Important Dates
          March 15, 2006: Paper submission deadline.
          July 1, 2006: Completion of the first round paper review.
          October 1, 2006: Completion of the second round paper review.
          November 1, 2006: Final manuscripts due.
          January, 2007: Tentative publication date

Guest Editors
Paolo Fiorini                               Chris Nugent
University of Verona (Italy)           University of Ulster (UK)
Eail: paolo.fiorini at univr.it            Email:  cd.nugent at ulster.ac.uk
Yuichi Tsumaki                          Erwin Prassler
Hirosaki University (Japan)          Uni. Applied Science Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, 
Email: tsumaki at cc.hirosaki-u.ac.jp    Email: erwin.prassler at fh-brs.de

Paper Submission
All papers are to be submitted through the IEEEs Manuscript Central
for Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/t-ase.  Please select Special Issue
under Manuscript Category of your submission.  All manuscripts must be
prepared according to the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and
Engineering publication guidelines

Please address all inquiries to paolo.fiorini at univr.it   
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