[robotics-worldwide] CFP: Special Track on Integrated Intelligent Capabilities at AAAI-06

Reid Simmons reids at cs.cmu.edu
Fri Feb 3 11:07:09 PST 2006

The National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-06) has 
instituted several special tracks for technical papers.  One of 
particular interest to the robotics community is the track on 
"Integrated Intelligent Capabilities", described below.  I encourage 
roboticists working in this area to submit to the special track.  As 
described below, abstracts are due February 16 and paper submissions are 
due February 21.  The conference will be held in Boston, July 16-20.  
See http://aaai.org/Conferences/AAAI/aaai.php for more information.

Reid Simmons, Carnegie Mellon University
Art Graesser, University of Memphis,
IIC Special Track Co-Chairs
Call for Special Track of Technical Conference Papers on "Integrated 
Intelligent Capabilities"

*  Co-Chairs:
              Art Graesser, University of Memphis
             Reid Simmons, Carnegie Mellon University

To solve complex, real-world problems, AI systems often must integrate a 
variety of component technologies, such as vision, classification, 
speech, memory, language, dialogue, planning, problem solving, learning, 
and goal-driven action. Robots, autonomous software agents, and 
intelligent tutoring systems with natural language dialogue are 
prototypical examples of these integrated intelligent systems. Some, but 
not all, of these integrated intelligent systems are inspired by 
theories in cognitive science and biological systems.

Papers submitted to this track should report on theoretical and/or 
empirical studies that highlight the role of integration of multiple 
components in achieving intelligent behavior. Papers submitted to this 
track should articulate the mechanisms for integrating multiple 
components and the salient characteristics of individual components that 
facilitate such integration. Preference will be given to papers that 
evaluate the systems in accounting for and explaining system 
performance. The systems reported on may vary from small-scale 
integrations of two or more components to large-scale systems that 
function as robust autonomous agents. Projects that focus on individual 
component technologies are not suitable for this track. Relevant topics 

- Autonomous agents
- Cognitive architectures and modeling
- Robot architectures
- Intelligent tutoring systems
- Communication architectures
- Multimodal communication
- Multi-agent/multi-robot coordination
- Human-robot/human-computer interaction
- Multisensory fusion
- Sensori-motor activity

Papers to this track must be submitted in accordance with the 
instructions for submission to the general call for technical conference 
papers. Submitted papers will be reviewed by qualified reviewers drawn 
from a special track committee as well as the general program committee, 
with the final selections determined by the track co-chairs in 
conjunction with the AAAI-06 co-chairs. Submissions to this special 
track that are deemed not to be relevant may be considered for review 
for the general technical papers track at the discretion of the chairs.

*Author Registration*
Authors must register at the AAAI-06 web-based technical paper 
submission site. The software will assign a password, which will enable 
the author to log on to submit an abstract and paper in any category. In 
order to avoid a rush at the last minute, authors are encouraged to 
register in advance of the program deadline date.

Submission Sites:

AAAI Technical papers, including special tracks:

*General Submission Instructions*
Electronic paper submission is required. We cannot accept submissions by 
e-mail or fax. Instructions about how to submit papers electronically 
will be available at the AAAI web site (http://www.aaai.org) in the Fall 
of 2005. Authors should submit abstracts and papers through the 
technical paper submission software no later than the due date, and 
preferably prior to that date. The software will assign a paper ID 
number at the time of the submission. Authors will receive confirmation 
of receipt of their papers shortly after submission. AAAI will contact 
authors again only if problems are encountered with papers. Inquiries 
regarding lost papers must be made no later than a week after the 
submission deadline. Over-length submissions and those failing to comply 
with the submission requirements will be rejected.  Authors will be 
required to transfer copyright of their papers to AAAI.  For any 
questions concerning author instructions, write to: aaai06 at aaai.org.

*Timetable for Authors

*Technical Conference Papers (General topics and Special Tracks on 
Integrated Intelligent Capabilities and AI and the Web):
Abstract Submission:  February 16
Paper Submission:           February 21
Notification:        April 14
Final version:          April 25

*Submissions to Other Conferences or Journals

*Papers submitted to this conference must not have been accepted for 
publication elsewhere or be under review for another AI conference. 
However, to encourage interdisciplinary contributions, we may consider 
work that has been submitted or presented in part to a forum outside of 
AI. The AAAI Nectar paper submissions have specific guidelines that can 
be found in the call for papers. The guidelines of the AAAI policy on 
multiple submissions are fully detailed at the AAAI-06 web site and must 
be carefully followed.


*Accepted technical conference papers, including Special Track papers on 
"Integrated Intelligent Capabilites" and "AI and the Web" will be 
allocated six (6) pages in the conference proceedings. Up to two (2) 
additional pages may be used at a cost to the authors of $275 per page. 
Final papers exceeding eight (8) pages and those violating the 
instructions to authors will not be included in the proceedings. Authors 
will be required to transfer copyright of their paper to AAAI.

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