[robotics-worldwide] RoboCup 2006, Rescue Robot Field Test Demo

Andreas Birk a.birk at iu-bremen.de
Wed Feb 22 05:25:40 PST 2006


1st Call for Participation


RoboCup 2006, Bremen, Germany, June 13th 2006


The ultimate goal of rescue robotics is to develop systems that can 
serve as helpful tools after disasters and accidents. In the RoboCup 
Rescue Robot Leagues a vast collection of promising approaches was 
already demonstrated and tested. There have been significant 
achievements within the competitions including for example various fully 
autonomous systems or highly mobile robots that are capable of 
negotiating most difficult obstacles. The Rescue Robots Field Test is a 
demo event, which offers an obvious next step to achieve the main goal 
of the rescue activities within RoboCup. The Field Test brings the 
important transition to a test scenario where the participating teams 
have to demonstrate fieldable solutions.

The Field Test Demo is an outdoor event where practitioners like fire 
brigades and other first responders are directly involved in the 
evaluation of the systems. The robots have to perform in a disaster 
drill where information has to be gathered from an area that is supposed 
to be contaminated. Typical scenarios are for example the aftermath of 
an explosion in a chemical factory, a large traffic accident involving a 
truck with hazardous material, or a terrorist attack with ABC-substances 
at a public event. The first responders will perform a regular drill, 
i.e., primarily save victims and constrain the damage in a conventional 
way. In addition, they will use the robots as tools to gather data in 
the contaminated area and to adjust their procedures accordingly.

The Rescue Robots Field Test is organized as a demo. The performances of 
the teams are evaluated with respect to the fieldability of the systems, 
especially their ruggedness and usability. Participating teams are 
invited to demonstrate the strengths of their approaches and to get 
feedback from practitioners. The event takes one day with set-up in the 
morning plus test and evaluation runs in the afternoon. Teams intending 
to participate should note that it is a real outdoor event, i.e., their 
systems have to be weather proof. Rain, spray-water and smoke are likely 
to occur. The test scenario can contain spots with open fire. But the 
robots will not be required to handle heat or water exposure in an 
amount that exceeds normal outdoor conditions.

Teams that intend to participate have to send an "Participation 
Intention"-form by March 10, 2006 to Andreas Birk (a.birk at iu-bremen.de). 
The form and further information regarding the event can be found at



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