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Lorenzo Natale lorenzo at csail.mit.edu
Fri Feb 24 08:45:35 PST 2006

Veni, Vidi, Vici '06 - the 1st RobotCub Summer School!

e-mail: summerschool at robotcub.org


The application process for the 1st RobotCub Summer School, Veni Vidi Vici '06, is now open. Simply send email to summerschool at robotcub.org before March 15, 2006. Please include your name, affiliation, position, and CV in pdf or plain text format. Places are limited. Cost per place is €750 which include food and lodging. You will be notified of acceptance by 21 March, 2006 after which you will be asked to pay and finalize the registration. For questions and special requests please don't hesitate to contact us at: summerschool at robotcub.org. 

The aim of this school is to consolidate and disseminate skills in software engineering for humanoid robots. Robots at the cutting-edge of research tend to be a complicated mish-mash of recently-developed hardware. We show you how to achieve modularity and code reuse in your software, maximizing the time spent actually doing research, and facilitating collaboration across robot projects. We teach both general design skills and introduce specific proven designs. We run hands-on laboratory sessions with current tools - all of which are free and open source. The lab sessions build up to a substantial collaborative project on a real humanoid robot. 

The school is structured as a series of hands-on practical laboratory sessions, and informal talks. There will be real robots to work with (at least two heads, and one hand/arm/head humanoid). We will have our own local network, including wireless. Participants are expected to bring their own laptop. 

Motor control, Robot design, Image processing, Communication, Software engineering, Machine learning
The days will be full. The school is held in the Villa Hanbury botanical gardens, Ventimiglia, Italy. We start at 9, and continue to 7 (breaks: morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea). We begin the school in the morning of Monday, July 17 2006, and finish in the evening of Wednesday, July 26 2006 (with people leaving during Thursday, July 27 2006). 

About RobotCub
RobotCub is a project to study cognition through robotics. Along the way, we are creating a completely open design for a humanoid robot - open hardware, open software, open mind. Our hardware designs and software are free and open source. The RobotCub consortium is composed of 16 partners, 11 from Europe, 3 from Japan and 2 from the USA. The coordinator is the LIRA-Lab at the University of Genoa, Italy 


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