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Andreas Birk a.birk at iu-bremen.de
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Graduate Program in Computer Science
International University Bremen (IUB)


As humans we can sense, act, speak, listen, decide and sometimes
understand. The 21st century will witness technologies that can do the
same. We will see cars that negotiate with each other in order to
optimize traffic flow. Our T-shirts may have their own Internet
addresses and tell the manufacturer if they are only rarely worn.
In addition to their well-established role as programmable
machine-tools, robots are also more and more used in domains where some
autonomy and intelligence is necessary. They work under conditions where
the robot is not constantly supervised by a human operator and where it
has to be adaptive as its developer can not fully predict which
situations it will encounter in its application environment.

We all know future descriptions of this kind; we also know that they
are no longer science fiction, although real future may still look
quite differently. But whatever route the future takes, it will be
scientists and engineers who help in shaping it. They will develop
systems (yet unthinkable) that could likewise be described as robots,
user interfaces, web agents, enhanced reality or personal assistants.

The International University Bremen (IUB) takes part in this rapidly
growing, boldly interdisciplinary endeavor. As part of the IUB Computer
Science education, the graduate program in SmartSystems is offered. It
integrates a rigorous training in several important disciplines of
computer science, especially robotics, networks, artificial
intelligence, databases and the mathematics of complex systems. A
student acquires in this graduate program the knowledge to work at the
forefront of technological developments.

The SmartSystems program offers the following two degrees, for which a
variety of funding options and stipends is available:

Master of Science
The M.Sc program takes two years. Students on the M.Sc track who excel
in their first three semesters may enter the Ph.D track.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
Students with an excellent record of achievement in their Bachelor's or
Master's studies may apply to directly pursue a Ph.D degree at IUB. The
completion of a Ph.D degree will typically take three years.

The courses in the program start each year on September 1. Only a small
number of students is accepted; the admission to the program is highly
competitive. Admitted students can expect financial support in several
ways. For the about twenty available places in the program, the fees are
can be waived. Furthermore, there are generous additional stipends for
excellent students. The result of a GRE subject test in Computer Science
must be included in the application. There are two rounds of admission
with respective closing dates on February 1st and May 1st.

Detailed information on admission to graduate studies at IUB and the
related forms can be found at:


CS graduate program "SmartSystems"

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