[robotics-worldwide] Postdoctoral Research Fellow position (Humanoid Robotics)

Chew Chee Meng mpeccm at nus.edu.sg
Mon Jul 10 00:00:06 PDT 2006

Dear Colleagues/Researchers


I have an opening for a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department
of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, beginning
around Aug/Sept 06, in the area of humanoid robotics (simulation).  A
minimum commitment of one year is required.

The work is part of a new humanoid project in Singapore aiming to create
a life-size humanoid robot with multiple capabilities.  The aims of this
work are 1) to develop a virtual humanoid robot in a simulation
environment.  This environment will enable human operator to validate
kinematics-based motion-planning algorithms and dynamics-based
behavior-control algorithms; and 2) to develop complex behaviors'
algorithms for the simulated humanoid robot, like walking on rough
terrains, running, manipulating, etc.  


The successful applicant will become a member of a multidisciplinary
team.  He will work closely with a few PhD students to achieve the aims
of the project.  He should have good knowledge in programming skill
(e.g. C, C++, Java, etc) especially in the realistic simulation of
humanoid robot's behaviors.  Some background knowledge in virtual
reality will be a plus.  He will be involved in the sourcing of a
commercial multibody dynamics simulation software package.  He will then
be involved in the development of user-friendly GUI for the simulation,
and the creation of a realistic simulation model for the new humanoid
robot.  The simulation environment will eventually need to be interfaced
with the actual humanoid robot and with a tele-operation system.  He
will also develop the algorithms for the complex behaviors of the robot
using the simulation environment.


Please contact me (chewcm at alum.mit.edu <mailto:chewcm at alum.mit.edu> ) if
someone you know wishes to be considered for this position.  

CHEW, Chee-Meng, PhD 
Department of Mechanical Engineering 
National University of Singapore 
Tel: +65-68741337 Fax:  +65-67791459 

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