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Dear Colleagues,
        It is my pleasure to announce the following:
(a PDF copy is available also at http://www3.uji.es/~sanzp/)

ROBOTICA (International Journal)

Call for Papers

Deadline July 1, 2006

Special Issue on

"Mobile Manipulators: Basic Techniques, New trends & Applications"


Scope: As time goes by, more and more robotics applications are oriented
towards working in all kind of service domains, such as hospitals,
museums, etc. Increasing the interest on Mobile Manipulators, their
underlying basic techniques and applications, from different points of
view, for many roboticists around the entire world. 

Thus, this special issue will provide a comprehensive overview of the
key topics and state of the art of Mobile Manipulators, their user
interfaces, aspects related to the performance of both manipulation and
navigation capabilities, and also real applications.


Topics: The main topics include, but are not limited to: local or remote
sensory controlled Mobile Manipulators systems (e.g. new architectures,
etc.); foundation aspects of mobile manipulators, including data fusion,
perception-action integration, kinematics foundations, etc.; advanced
user interfaces (e.g. voice or gestures recognition, etc.); real
applications in the service robotics context.


Selection: All papers submitted will have 3 independent reviews. The
editor will write an introduction describing the role played presently
by the Mobile Manipulators and its impact within nowadays Service
Robotics applications.



July 1, 2006: Full Manuscript submission

October 1, 2006: Notification of Acceptance

December 1, 2006: Final Manuscripts Due

Final Publication is targeted to: January 2007



Manuscript Submission:

All manuscripts must be prepared according to the ROBOTICA publication



All manuscripts are to be submitted to the Guest Editor, in PDF format.

Guest Editor: Pedro J  <mailto:Pedro%20J%20Sanz> Sanz (sanzp at ieee.org)

PS. Please, do NOT send any file or E-mail to Editors of this Journal

 Prof. Pedro J Sanz (UJI, SPAIN)
 Dpt. Comp. Science & Engineering
 sanzp at ieee.org //www.robot.uji.es
 Tel  +34 964.72.82.85
 Fax +34 964.72.84.86


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