[robotics-worldwide] ETH Zurich: Two Open PhD Positions in Micro Flying Robots

Roland Siegwart roland.siegwart at epfl.ch
Mon Mar 6 05:09:10 PST 2006


ETH Zurich: Two Open PhD Positions in Micro Flying Robots


The future Autonomous Systems Laboratory at ETH Zurich (currently at EPFL,
http://asl.epfl.ch <http://asl.epfl.ch/> ) has two open PhD position in the
field of Design, Modelling and Control of Autonomous Micro-helicopters. 

These positions are part of an EU project with the goal to development and
implementation a fully autonomous micro helicopter comparable in size and
weight to a small bird. The final system is expected to find applications in
surveillance of buildings and large indoor areas that are difficult to
access on wheels or legs.

In this context we are particularly looking for PhD students for the
following areas: Systems design and optimization, aerodynamic optimization,
dynamic modelling, non-linear control and autonomous navigation. One of the
main challenges is to deal with the very limited sensory information and
processing power.

The ideal candidates should hold a master degree in engineering, possess a
strong background in some of the fields mentioned above and present
excellent results as master student. 


Interested Candidates should send their application including curriculum
vitae and results of their master degree to: Prof. Roland Siegwart
rsiegwart at ethz.ch


For further questions please contact Samir Bourabdallah
samir.bouabdallah at epfl.ch or Roland Siegwart rsiegwart at ethz.ch



Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart


EPFL, Autonomous Systems Lab

Station 9, ME A3 444

CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

Phone:  +41 21 693 38 50

Mobile: +41 79 214 49 27

WWW:     <http://asl.epfl.ch/> http://asl.epfl.ch


after July 1, 2006


Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems
ETH Zentrum, CLA E 32
Tannenstrasse 3
CH-8092 Zürich, Switzerland
Mobile: +41 79 214 49 27

Office: +41 44 632 23 58

E-Mail:  <mailto:rsiegwart at ethz.ch> rsiegwart at ethz.ch


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