[robotics-worldwide] Post-doc position in the Robotics Institute: Snake Climbing

Howie Choset choset at cs.cmu.edu
Tue Mar 28 04:50:45 PST 2006

We have a funded (two year) position for post-doc to develop rigorous
control laws and behaviors that will enable snake robots to climb in
engineered and natural terrains. A candidate for this position is expected
to have a deep and rigorous background in control theory, path planning
dynamic systems and differential geometry. The candidate should also be
prepared to supervise students who will construct snake robots for the
purposes of climbing.

Unfortunately, one of the limitations of the funding source is that the
candidate must be an American citizen (green card holders do not count).

Please send all correspondances to both Peggy Martin (pm1e at andrew.cmu.edu)
and myself. See http://snakerobot.com for cool videos.

Thank you

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