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David Wettergreen dsw at ri.cmu.edu
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Journal of Field Robotics
Special Issue On Space Robotics

Guest Editors: David Wettergreen and Alonzo Kelly, CMU, and Larry  
Matthies, JPL

It seems impossible to get a robot farther afield than by putting it  
into space. Space applications present many challenges to robotic  
systems: from extremes of temperature, vacuum, shock and gravity, to  
limitations on power and communication, from the intricate complexity  
of systems engineering, to requirements for reliability, robustness  
and autonomy.

The Journal of Field Robotics (JFR) [ http:// 
www.journalfieldrobotics.org ] announces a special issue on space  
robotics to examine these and other issues related to robots and  
space. This special issue will present and discuss the state of the  
art in space robots, their theory and practice.

We invite papers that exhibit theory and methods applied to robotic  
systems in space including:
-  specification and evaluation of system concepts and designs;
-  effects of the space environment on robotic devices;
-  methods of sensing, actuation, and mobility;
-  experiments in manipulation, assembly, construction and excavation;
-  algorithms for localization and navigation, and task or mission  
-  efforts related to deep space navigation and autonomous operation;
-  techniques for safe and precise entry, descent, and landing; and
-  analysis of human robot interaction and robot autonomy.
Papers for this special issue must also provide technical  
descriptions of systems and results and analysis of experimentation  
with orbital robots and spacecraft or planetary landers or rovers or  
with system prototypes in terrestrial analogue environments. Lessons  
learned in development and operation are also pertinent.

We encourage papers addressing all aspects of space robotic systems.  
Our emphasis is on systems that fulfill a specific space-relevant  
application. Robotic systems in Earth orbit, traveling in deep space,  
and operating on the surfaces of planets, moons, comets, or asteroids  
are of particular interest, as well systems envisioned for space  
application but developed and demonstrated in relevant environments  
here on Earth.

The JFR encourages multimedia content and this special issue seeks  
inclusion of movies illustrating system concept and operation,  
engineering experiments, and of course space operation.

June 2, 2006 – Submit manuscripts
July 14, 2006 – Reviews completed
August 4, 2006 – Decisions and author notification
September 1, 2006 – Final manuscripts for publication

Authors interested in submitting to this issue can discuss  
submissions with the special issue editors, David Wettergreen  
<dsw at ri.cmu.edu>, Alonzo Kelly <alonzo at cmu.edu> and Larry Matthies  
<lhm at robotics.jpl.nasa.gov>.

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