[robotics-worldwide] Gaussian Processes Workshop

Neil Lawrence neil at dcs.shef.ac.uk
Wed Mar 29 23:39:27 PST 2006

Registration is now open for the following workshop:

Gaussian Processes in Practice
Bletchley Park, U.K.  (where the Enigma machine was decoded)
12th & 13th June 2006

There has been a recent upsurge in interest in Gaussian processes for 
solving a variety of problems. Simultaneously there have been recent 
rapid developments in efficient approximation techniques for Gaussian 
processes and novel unifying theories of existing approximation techniques.

This workshop will bring experts in Gaussian processes together with 
individuals who are using Gaussian processes at the forefront of 
research in their fields. We will start with a set of talks that will 
relate the latest developments in Gaussian processes while the second 
portion of talks will discuss application fields where Gaussian 
processes are being applied as state-of-the-art technologies: Robotics, 
Graphics and Vision.

Speakers Include:

David MacKay
Carl Rasmussen
Ed Snelson
Chris Williams

Dieter Fox
Aaron Hertzmann
Raquel Urtasun

The workshop is expected to be an ideal entry point to a researcher 
interested in using Gaussian processes, but at the same time, by 
bringing together acknowledged experts in Gaussian processes with 
acknowledged experts in the application areas mentioned above we expect 
to drive forward research in novel directions.

We invite submissions to the workshop of *no more than four pages* in 
length using the LaTeX article class file in one column with standard 
margin settings and 11pt font.

The submission deadline is Friday May 19th. It is our intention to 
create a post-proceedings for the workshop.

Registration for the workshop will close on Friday 26th May.

For further details see:



Neil Lawrence
Joaquin Quinonero Candela
Anton Schwaighofer

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