[robotics-worldwide] AAAI-07 Nectar CFP

Sven Koenig skoenig at usc.edu
Fri Nov 3 08:54:03 PST 2006

The following CFP is interesting for robotics researchers
who would like to make significant results that they have
recently presented in robotics conferences available to the
artificial intelligence community. We are looking for truly
outstanding results that are of interest to the artificial
intelligence community and will likely be highly influential.

Sven and Elaine


AAAI-07 will again include the Nectar track, whose goal is
to make the most significant AI results presented in sister
conferences in the last two years available to a broad AI

The Nectar (new scientific and technical advances in
research) track will consist of papers that are based on
important results that have already been published in the
proceedings of at least one major specialized conference in
2005 and 2006, as either a single paper or a series of
papers. Examples of such conferences include AAMAS, AIIDE,
NIPS, RSS, SAT, UAI and WCCI. Examples of conferences in
related fields with relevance to AI are ALife, CIKM, COLT,
report on the application of AI techniques in other fields,
for example bioinformatics, may also serve as the basis for
Nectar papers. Authors of application papers, however, are
advised that they may find the conference on innovative
applications of AI (IAAI) a more appropriate venue for
reaching the AI community since those papers can be longer
and thus provide a clearer application setting in which to
describe the work. Papers that have appeared in either AAAI
or IJCAI cannot serve as the basis for Nectar papers since
they have already been presented to the entire AI community.

One important goal of the track is to offer young
researchers the opportunity to learn about areas with which
they may not already be familiar. Another goal is to
encourage the sort of cross-disciplinary AI work that has
historically been supported by AAAI.

We solicit short submissions of up to four pages. Each
submission should focus on a major result that has already
been published in one or more venues as described above. A
Nectar paper needs to clarify the relationship of the paper
to any other AAAI-07 submissions by the authors and cannot
overlap with them substantially. The Nectar paper should
cite the previous publication(s) and will typically devote
no more than one or two pages to summarizing the core
results. The remainder of the paper should be devoted to
putting the results, as well as the problem they solve, into
a context that is meaningful to a wide AI audience.

AAAI Nectar track papers will be presented as short talks or
posters at AAAI-07. The papers will also be published in the
conference proceedings. Submitted papers will be reviewed
according to: (1) significance of the result to the broad
goals of AI, (2) potential for the result to influence work
in other areas of AI, and (3) clarity of the presentation to
a wide AI audience.

Although papers will describe previously published results,
the paper itself must be original. Authors of accepted
papers will be required to transfer copyright.

Papers must be received by February 27, 2007. Decisions on
the acceptance of papers will be made by March 29, 2007.

For more information, as it becomes available, please see
www.aaai.org/Conferences/AAAI/aaai07.php and

Elaine Rich (University of Texas at Austin), Cochair
Sven Koenig (University of Southern California), Cochair


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