[robotics-worldwide] Multiple PhD positions in swarming underwater robotics

Uwe R. Zimmer uwe.zimmer at anu.edu.au
Fri Nov 10 03:05:06 PST 2006

       (Multiple PhD positions announcement - November 2006)


             Schools of small autonomous submersibles:
         The Serafina Mark II project towards open waters


The autonomous submersibles research group at the Australian National 
University in close collaboration with industrial partners moves on to the 
next generation of small autonomous submersibles (as part of the Serafina 
project). Experimentation with larger scale swarms of autonomous 
submersibles is now scheduled for the very close future. Your PhD topic 
might become a central aspect for the first generation of swarming 
open-water exploration vehicles. Challenges in this interdisciplinary field 
include real-world control, real-time system design, sensor-data fusion, 
distributed swarm control, spontaneous and close-proximity communication 
and recommend themselves as thrilling PhD topics for the next three (up to 
four) years.

We expect each team member to understand and appreciate every part of the 
project to a reasonable degree (whether it's in your native field of 
expertise or not). In practice this just means that we are listening to 
each other's problems and ideas without any consideration of faculties. On 
the other hand it is also expected that each PhD student develops his or 
her own approach and field of expertise during the process of the thesis.

If the above challenges spark your interest, you might also fit the 
following profile of the ideal candidate:

- Honours / Master / Diploma in computer sciences, engineering, physics,
  or mathematics.
- Experience in experimenting in distributed environments or with
  physical (embedded) systems.
- Theoretical foundations in mathematics, control, protocols, coding, or
  systems theory.
- Programming background in concurrent and distributed systems.
- Interest in joining an international and multi-disciplinary team of
  motivated researchers.

It is essential that the PhD thesis leads to principally applicable designs 
and results, which also enables potential further employment perspectives.

The scholarship offers A$22,500 per annum and will introduce the successful 
candidate to the highly active field of embedded real-time systems at the 
level of international academia as well as in industry. Australian 
residents and citizens are required for some parts of the projects (as some 
restrictions are attached to parts of our budget), while international 
candidates qualify for most other parts of the project. In the second case, 
additional funds will need to be allocated for the common study fees at 
Australian universities (not covered by this announcement).

For any further information, and applications (including addresses of 
referees, two recent publications, and a letter of interest) please contact:

Dr. Uwe R. Zimmer (mail)

Project site: http://serafina.anu.edu.au/

P.S. preferred formats for applications are: Acrobat (pdf), PostScript, or 
plain text

    Uwe R. Zimmer                                        ___


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