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Javier Minguez jminguez at unizar.es
Mon Sep 25 03:08:01 PDT 2006

Job offer: 10 open positions for PhDs students in Robotics and Computer Vision at the University of Zaragoza, Spain.


The students will integrate in one of the four projects:


1.         URUS (Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Settings) IST-1-045062-URUS-STP

This project focuses on designing and developing a network of robots that in a cooperative way interact with human beings and the environment for tasks of guidance and assistance, transportation of goods or people, and surveillance in urban areas. The specific research objectives to develop are: (1) cooperative navigation and optimal resource allocation; (2) cooperative localization, exploration and map building; and (3) wireless communication between users, robots and the environment.


Additional information: montano AT unizar.es


2.         NERO (Networked mobile robots for service and intervention tasks). DPI2006-07928

The complex nature of tasks for mobile robotics makes necessary to develop nets of organized agents working in cooperation.  This project is related with the European Project URUS and we propose to work in three fields: (1) Multi-robot localization and navigation. (2) Perception-Action techniques using range and visual information given by all the agents in the network. (3) Real time communications for mobile agents.  


Additional information: csagues AT unizar.es


3.         SLAM6DOF (Portable Systems for SLAM in Large and Complex Environments) DPI2006-13578.

Design of portable systems for performing SLAM with cameras and other sensors moving with six degrees of freedom. Prototypes may be ported by people walking, bicycling, on paragliders or swimming.


Additional information: tardos AT unizar.es


4.         EVA (Biological Interaction Human – Robot for Mobility) DPI2006-15630-C02-02

This project focuses on the biological interaction human – robot. The objective is to supervise, evaluate and control machines using biological parameters of humans such as cerebral, cardiac, or respiratory activity. The team will develop brain-computer interfaces, machine learning, signal processing and control strategies to involve these parameters in the motion control paradigm of robots. The applications of this research are all situations where robots supervise humans or humans control robots based on their biological parameters. 


Additional information: jminguez AT unizar.es 


•           Profile: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Communications Eng., Mathematics, Physics. 

•           Tasks: The main task for the accepted candidate will be to conduct research towards his/her PhD. The candidate is expected to complete the degree within 4 years. 

•           Availability: Starting on January 2007. 

•           Salary: Around 15000€/year (typical salary of a PhD student in Spain). 

•           Contact: Applicants should send their Cvs, letter of intentions and the list of projects prioritized they are interested before Oct. 5th to 


PhD. Javier Minguez

Robotics, Perception and Real Time Group

University of Zaragoza, Spain

jminguez AT unizar.es







Javier Minguez

"Ramón y Cajal" researcher

Computer Science and Systems Engineering

University of Zaragoza, Spain

 <http://webdiis.unizar.es/~jminguez/> http://webdiis.unizar.es/~jminguez/



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