[robotics-worldwide] Call for Papers - Intelligent Technologies in Robotics and Automation (InTech'07)

Ngai Kwok nmkwok at eng.uts.edu.au
Sun Aug 5 18:56:25 PDT 2007

Main topic: Intelligent Technologies in Robotics and Automation

Organized by:
* University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia
* Assumption University, Thailand

InTech'07 Programme: InTech'07 will comprise of plenary sessions, oral
poster presentations, exhibitions and excursions. These events will
open to all participants. The main objectives of the conference are:
* To bring together researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas
 and foster international collaboration.
* To provide a forum for discussion of new research areas, results
 and issues.
* To encourage international research and development activities in
 intelligent technologies.
* To discuss implementation issues of intelligent technologies
 in real world environments, including robotics and
InTech'07 Topics include but not limited to:
* Mathematical Foundations of Intelligent Technologies
* Traditional Artificial Intelligence Techniques
* Uncertainty Processing and Methods of Soft Computing
* Learning, Adaptive Systems and Data Mining
* Applications of Intelligent Technologies
* Intelligent Data Analysis
* Control and Decision Science
* Intelligent Technology Developments in Robotics &
 Automation, Healthcare, Power and Civil Engineering.

Proceedings: Proceedings will be distributed
to participants during the conference. Selected, extended and
revised papers from InTech'07 will be published in a Special issue
of the International Journal of Automation and Control or the
International Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and
Intelligent Informatics.

Paper Submission and Deadlines: The maximum
number of pages is 10, including all tables, figures and references.
 Full paper submission: 7 SEP 2007
 Notification of acceptance: 1 OCT 2007
 Early Bird Registration: 29 OCT 2007
 Camera-ready manuscripts: 29 OCT 2007

Contact Address:
 Ngai Ming Kwok
 Faculty of Engineering, University of Technology, Sydney
 ARC Centre for Autonomous Systems
 PO BOX 123, Broadway, NSW 2007, Australia
 Tel: +61-2-9514 2969
 Fax: +61-2-9514 2655
 Enquiries: Ngai.Kwok at eng.uts.edu.au
 URL: http://www.intech.scitech.au.edu
 E-mail: intech at scitech.au.edu.

Sydney Overview: Sydney is the capital city of the State of New
South Wales, Australia. The City of Sydney is Australia's iconic
face to the world - its international visitor flag-bearer. Over half
of all international visitors coming to Australia choose to visit
Sydney. Given its location as the economic and cultural heart of the
Sydney metropolitan area, the City of Sydney is highly and densely
urbanised. Its land is intensively used for a variety of purposes
including residential and commercial use as well as tourist and
cultural attractions and parks and open space. For more information,
please visit: http://www.sydney.com.au

Honorary General Chairs:
* Hung T Nguyen (USA)
* Pratit Santiprabhob (Thailand)
* Archie Johnston (Australia)

International Program Committee Co-Chairs:
* Vladik Kreinovich (USA)
* Jirapun Daengdej (Thailand)

General Chair: Quang Ha (Australia)

Publicity Co-Chairs:
* Hossein Zadeh (Australia)
* Dan Ralescu (USA)

Local Committee Co-Chairs:
* Dikai Liu (Australia)
* Gu Fang (Australia)
* Michael Negnevitsky (Australia)

Local Committee Members:
* G. Dissanayake (Australia)
* H.T. Nguyen (Australia)
* B. Samali (Australia)
* J.G. Zhu (Australia)

International Committee Members:
 Antonio Dinola (Italy)       Baoding Liu (China)
 Berlin Wu (Taiwan)           Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier (France)
 Bing Xu (China)              Carol Walker (USA)
 Claude Langrand (France)     Dan Ralescu (USA)
 Deng Yuan Huang (Taiwan)     Elbert Walker (USA)
 Fred Hadaegh (USA)           Hepu Deng (Australia)
 Junzo Watada (Japan)         K. Hirota (Japan)
 Kuldeep Kumar (Australia)    Liya Ding (Macau)
 Maria Angeles Gill (Spain)   Michel Grabisch (France)
 Michio Sugeno (Japan)        Nipon Auephanwiriyakul (Thailand)
 Peter Klement (Austria)      Phuong Nguyen (Vietnam)
 Quang Ha (Australia)         Ron Yager (USA)
 Shoumei Li (China)           Sohrab Mobasser (USA)
 Sompong Dhompongsa (Thailand)Tim Ross (USA)
 Vilem Novak (Czech Republic) Yeung Yam (Hongkong)

Dr. Ngai M. Kwok
Faculty of Engineering
University of Technology, Sydney
Broadway, NSW 2007, Australia
Tel: +61 2 9514 2969
Fax: +61 2 9514 2655

UTS CRICOS Provider Code:  00099F
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