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Fellowship for a Female Ph.D. Student in Robotics and Automation
	Announcement and Call for Applications

IEEE RAS members may recall a recent Call for Proposals to support  
projects with unexpended funds in Calendar Year 2007. One of the  
projects approved by the Society is a fellowship for a female Ph.D.  
student in the areas of robotics and/or automation, to be expended  
before the end of the calendar year. Proposals for the "IEEE RAS  
Fellowship" are now solicited. fellowship is intended to support a  
student who will have a significant future impact on the fields of  
robotics and/or automation through her current or future technical  
contributions. The fellowship carries an award of $12,500 to be used  
for stipend/tuition support, and IEEE regulations require that the  
funds be fully obligated by November 30, 2007 for supporting a  
student up to but not beyond December 31, 2007. There are no funds  
available for continuing the fellowship beyond the end of the year.

Female doctoral students who are fully admitted to a Ph.D. program at  
an academic institution and have the nomination of an IEEE RAS member  
may apply. The applicant must be a registered student for at least  
the period September-November 2007. The proposal should be submitted  
through the sponsored projects office of the applicant's institution.  
Applicants are urged to contact their institution's sponsored  
projects office before beginning the application to verify that the  
institution is willing to administer this award under the constraints  
mandated by IEEE. The institutional approval will be reviewed by  
IEEE, and applicants should be aware that no funds will be released  
unless the method of spending and invoicing meets IEEE approval.

The application form with full instructions is is available for  
download at http://www.ieee-ras.org/news.

Applications must be received by September 10, 2007 .

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