[robotics-worldwide] Deadline Extension - IROS07 Workshop on MAV Design, Control and Navigation

Bouabdallah Samir samir.bouabdallah at mavt.ethz.ch
Wed Aug 22 07:05:35 PDT 2007

Dear all, 
The deadline for submitting abstracts to IROS'07 MAV Workshop is extented to August 31st. The notification of acceptance will move to September 12th.
(due to a general extension for workshops decided by IROS organizers).

Best regards,
Samir Bouabdallah


					Full-day Workshop

					Micro Aerial Vehicles
				Design, Control and Navigation 

			to be held in conjunction with IROS 2007
					2 November, 2007
					San Diego CA, USA

				    Call for Contributions


The field of Micro Aerial Vehicles is gaining an important interest from the scientific, industrial   and hobbyist communities. These flying systems can be of high value in surveillance, search, rescue   and many other missions. The multidisciplinary aspect of MAVs makes it challenging for a research   group, with specific expertise, to master the numerous related scientific problems. Therefore,   workshops which regroup scientists working in different disciplines of aerial vehicles, represent a   very good opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss progress and challenges. The proposed workshop   is one of these opportunities. It will focus on several research questions on fixed-wing,   rotary-wing and other types of MAVs. It shall also help to identify current and future challenges   and review future research directions. This event will be the meeting place for aerial-robotic   researchers interested in theoretical and practical problems of MAVs.

A potential special issue of the Journal of Field Robotics coming out of the Workshop is in discussion (http://journalfieldrobotics.org/).

- Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAV) design and concepts
- MAV control strategies
- MAV navigation algorithms
- Biomimetic flying concepts for MAVs
- Biomimetic control for Micro MAVs
- Smart sensors for MAVs
- Innovative actuators for MAVs
- Smart materials for MAVs
- Miniature power sources for MAVs

Prospective participants should submit an abstract (max. 2 pages, template here: http://www.flyingrobots.org/documents/WSAbstractTemplate.doc) describing recent and innovative work.   Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to make an oral presentation. All submissions are due   in PDF format to Samir Bouabdallah, samir.bouabdallah(AT)ieee.org. 

Ronald S. Fearing
Robert Wood
Kimon Valavanis
Paul Oh
Claire Tomlin
Dario Floreano
Randy Beard
Sanjiv Singh
Sunil K. Agrawal
Giorgio Grisetti
Pascal Ferrat

Samir Bouabdallah (contact person) and Roland Siegwart Autonomous Systems Lab - ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 632 89 06
Fax:     +41 44 632 11 81
Email: samir.bouabdallah(AT)ieee.org , rsiegwart(AT)ethz.ch

9:00 - 12:30  -- Long  (~30min) technical sessions (Invited Speakers) 
14:00 - 16:30 -- Short (~15min) technical sessions (Accepted abstracts) 
16:30 - 17:30 -- Discussion

31 August 2007	-- Abstract Submission
12 September 2007	-- Notification of acceptance
29 October 2007	-- Deadline for registration (please see conference website for details:   http://www.iros2007.org/)
02 November	      -- Workshop -- http://www.crim.ncsu.edu/iros2007/?page_id=30

Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to do an oral presentation during the workshop. The   slides of the presentations and video will be collected during the workshop. This material will be   published on the workshop webpage afterwards.


Dr. Samir Bouabdallah
Autonomous Systems Lab
Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems ETH Zentrum, Tannenstrasse 3
Office: CLA E 16.2
CH-8092 Zürich,
Phone: +41 44 632 89 06
Fax: +41 44 632 11 81
e-mail: samir.bouabdallah at ieee.org

Project page: http://www.mufly.org
Aero page: http://aero.epfl.ch

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