[robotics-worldwide] PhD Traineeships at Utah

John Hollerbach jmh at cs.utah.edu
Wed Dec 5 09:55:01 PST 2007

The University of Utah was recently awarded an NSF IGERT in Biocentric
Robotics, comprising Bioinspiration, or the creation of humanoid and
animal-inspired robots with comparable function, Bioinstrumentation,
for the automated measurements of physiological and biomechanical
states of humans, and Biomanipulation, which refers to robotic systems
that physically interact with humans.

Five Ph.D. Traineeships per year for the next 4 years will be offered,
whose features include

* $30,000 per year stipend, renewable for one year
* Tuition benefit
* Subsidized health insurance
* Conference travel support
* Restricted to PhD applicants who are US citizens or permanent residents

Consult the Biocentric Robotics web page for information on how to


The deadline is January 15, 2008.

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