[robotics-worldwide] CFP: ICRA 2008 Workshop on Contact Models for Manipulation and Locomotion

Todd Murphey murphey at Colorado.EDU
Tue Dec 4 08:44:22 PST 2007

C A L L  F O R  P A R T I C I P A T I O N

Workshop on Contact Models for Manipulation and Locomotion
At the IEEE 2008 International Conference on Robotics and Automation
19 May 2008, Pasadena, CA, USA


Important Dates:
January 15, 2008: Paper submission
February 15, 2008: Notification of acceptance
March 1, 2008: Final submission by organizers to ICRA


This full-day workshop focuses on models of mechanical contact used in 
manipulation and locomotion for purposes of simulation and planning. 
Although modeling contact and friction is a well-studied area, the 
incorporation of mechanical contact into numerical models is still often 
achieved using heuristics. The goal of this workshop is to explore the 
role that different numerical techniques play in providing numerically 
stable simulations for purposes of prediction and planning, while 
maintaining the physical fidelity of the contact model. Subjects will 
include variational and complementarity representations of contact, 
topological methods in handling uncertainty in contact, and simplified 
models of contact for purposes of planning and control. Applications to be 
considered range from haptic interfaces for surgery to micro-scale 
manipulation, dexterous manipulation, and manufacturing processes.

Relevant research areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

* Contact modeling in manufacturing.
* Contact modeling in haptic interfaces for surgery.
* Variational integrators for contact and impact mechanics.
* Linear Complementarity Problem (LCP) representations of mechanical contact.
* Uncertainty in contact.
* Reduced-order representations of contact.
* Planning algorithms for systems that involve contact.
* Simplified models of contact for purposes of planning and control.

Confirmed Speakers:
* Antonio Frisoli, Scuola S. Anna
* Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania
* Kevin Lynch, Northwestern University
* Jerrold Marsden, California Institute of Technology
* Todd Murphey, University of Colorado
* Jeff Trinkle, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
* Jing Xiao, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
* Frank van der Stappen, Utrecht University


We solicit submissions of material reporting significant research results. 
These materials may be in the form of new papers (abstract, short paper or 
full paper), previously published papers (where inclusion will not violate 
copyright considerations), or slides for a talk.  Submitted papers should 
follow the ICRA-2008 paper format instructions available at 
http://www.icra2008.org/. Submissions must be sent by e-mail to 
murphey at colorado.edu as a PDF file. In the body of the e-mail message you 
must specify the following:

* submission title
* name, affiliation, and email of all authors
* name, email, and postal address of corresponding author
* Phone and fax of corresponding author
* Keywords (max 5)
* Abstract (maximum 200 words).
* Indicate type of submission: Abstract, Short Paper, Full Paper, or Slides.

All submissions will be acknowledged within a few days.  New papers will 
be reviewed for quality and relevance and the decision of acceptance will 
be mailed to the corresponding author. Depending on the level of interest, 
we will pursue a special issue in the IEEE Transactions of Automation 
Science and Engineering. Accepted papers will be included in the workshop 
notes, distributed at the workshop, and published on the workshop's web 

Please note you must register in ICRA-2008 in order to attend the 


Todd Murphey
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309

Vijay Kumar
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia,PA 19104

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