[robotics-worldwide] Open Faculty Position (Full Professor): "Mechatronics and Intelligent Sensing"

Helge Ritter helge at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Wed Dec 12 09:26:03 PST 2007

Open Position (Full Professor) Announcement: "Mechatronics and
Intelligent Sensing"

The newly established Excellence Cluster "Cognitive Interaction Technology"
at Bielefeld University (BU) combines the efforts of researchers from
computer science,
linguistics, biology, psychology and physics to elevate the command of
systems to the level of cognitive interaction with humans. This entails
cross-disciplinary research on processes such as motion intelligence,
situated communication, memory and learning.

In this context BU's Faculty of Technology is inviting applicants for
the following faculty position:

Mechatronics and Intelligent Sensing  (Full Professor position/ W3)

Candidates should have research of excellent standing in the broad area of
Mechatronics, with special emphasis on the development of innovative
mechatronic systems in the context of robotics and human-machine
interaction. The holder of the senior position will be expected to
participate very actively in
the Excellence Cluster and to be seriously interested in
interdisciplinary connections,
such as the role of biomimetic designs for the development of sensors
and mechatronic
systems. Candidates should have strong teaching capabilities at the
undergraduate and
graduate levels and will be expected to provide lectures in the areas of
mechatronics, control and sensing systems on a regular basis. They
should participate actively
to the development of the bachelor, masters and future PhD programs in
the computer
science department.

Required Qualifications. Candidates must have a university and a
qualified PhD degree in a pertinent field (usually, computer science
or electrical engineering), strong scientific achievements
and an outstanding research record. The position is
available as a permanent position. 

We welcome applications from severely handicapped people.

We particularly welcome applications from women. Given equal suitability,
qualifications and professional achievement women will be given preference,
unless particular circumstances pertaining to a male applicant predominate.

Location. Bielefeld is located in north-western Germany in the federal
state of North-Rhine Westphalia. With over 300.000 inhabitants
one of Germany's 20 largest cities (and ranking in a top position with
to green city area per inhabitant), it offers all major amenities, including
direct access to the high-speed ICE trains connecting the cities of Cologne
and Berlin.

Applicants are asked to send their documents no later than Jan-15 2008 to

   Attention of Mrs. Elke Gruetz
   Faculty of Technology
   Bielefeld University
   33594 Bielefeld / Germany
   email: egruetz at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de

The following documents are requested in PDF format: curriculum vitae,
publication list,
brief statements of research and teaching interests, names and addresses
of four references.


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