[robotics-worldwide] postdoc positions in cognitive robotics & neurocomputational modeling

Tom Ziemke tom.ziemke at his.se
Fri Dec 14 07:55:56 PST 2007


Three postdoc positions in cognitive robotics and neurocomputational
modeling are available at the University of Skovde, Sweden, as part
of two EU-funded cognitive systems projects:

(A) Two positions are available as part of a new three-year project
called ROSSI ("Emergence of communication in Robots through Sensorimotor
and Social Interaction"), starting in March 2008. The project involves
cognitive neuroscientists, psychologists, computational modelers and
roboticists in Italy, Germany, Turkey and Sweden. ROSSI investigates
sensorimotor grounding of concepts and language use in human-robot
interaction, and the open positions are focused on neurocomputational
modeling of the underlying neural mechanisms (canonical and mirror
neuron systems). Starting date: around March 2008.

(B) One position is available as part of the four-year project ICEA
("Integrating Cognition, Emotion and Autonomy") which started January
2006 and is coordinated by our lab. The project involves ten labs in
seven countries and aims to develop cognitive-robotics architectures
integrating cognitive, emotional and homeostatic processes, based on
models of the mammalian brain. The open position is flexible, but
intended to complement/strengthen the work of 5-6 people currently
working on ICEA and related topics in our lab. Possible focus areas
would be, for example, neurocomputational modeling of interactions
between cognition and affect/emotion/motivation, neuromodulation,
modeling of rat behavior, anticipation/prediction/simulation of
behavior. Starting date: as soon as possible.

Informal enquiries can be directed to Tom Ziemke at tom.ziemke at his.se.
Interested candidates should send a CV, a brief statement of research
interests, and representative publications.

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