[robotics-worldwide] 2nd CFP: RAS Special Issue on Semantic Knowledge in Robotics

Alessandro Saffiotti asaffio at aass.oru.se
Sun Dec 30 16:03:56 PST 2007

  2nd Call for Papers
  Robotics and Autonomous Systems Journal
  Special issue on Semantic Knowledge in Robotics



 There is a growing tendency to introduce high-level semantic
 knowledge into robotic systems.  This tendency is visible in
 different forms within several areas of robotics.  Recent work in
 mapping and localization tries to extract semantically meaningful
 structures from sensor data during map building, or to use semantic
 knowledge in the map building process, or both.  A similar trend
 characterizes the cognitive vision approach to scene understanding.
 Recent efforts in human-robot interaction try to endow the robot with
 some understanding of the human meaning of words, gestures and
 expressions.  Ontological knowledge is increasingly being used in
 distributed systems in order to allow automatic re-configuration in
 the areas of flexible automation and of ubiquitous robotics.
 Ontological knowledge was also used recently to improve the
 inter-operability of robotic components developed for different

 While all these trends share many common questions and issues, work
 on each one of them is often pursued in isolation within a specific
 area, without being aware of the related achievements is other areas.
 The aim of this special issue is to collect in a single place a
 collection of advanced, high-level works that tackle the problem of
 using semantic knowledge in robotics in many of its different forms.

 This special issue will also emphasize the link between the robotic
 community and the knowledge representation (KR) community in AI.  The
 perspective taken here is that there are possibly many ideas and
 formalisms that can be taken from the KR community, but that these
 should be evaluated from the point of view of robotics: any KR
 formalism of interest need not only be representationally and
 inferentially efficient (as normally required for a KR formalism),
 but also effectively grounded in the robot's sensor and motor


 We solicit original papers which report novel contributions related
 to the creation, representation and use of semantic knowledge in
 autonomous robots.  We aim at a balanced mixture of theoretical
 papers, reporting strong fundamental results, and papers that present
 techniques which have been experimentally validated on real single or
 multiple robot systems.  Submissions will be peer reviewed for
 scientific value, presentation quality, and relevance to this special

 Papers should be typeset according to the format instructions for the
 Robotics and Autonomous Systems journal, available from the Elsevier
 web site:


 Length should not exceed 22 pages in the above format (single
 column).  Please e-mail your submission to both guest editors, in PDF
 format.  Other, non-standard formats (e.g., Word) cannot be
 accepted. In the body of the e-mail message, please specify the

 Paper title
 Name and affiliation of all authors
 Name, email, and postal address of corresponding author
 Phone and fax of corresponding author
 Keywords (max 5)
 Abstract (maximum 200 words)

 All submissions will be acknowledged within a few days. Please
 contact the guest editors if you do not receive an acknowledgement.


 Joachim Hertzberg (hertzberg AT informatik DOT uni-osnabrueck DOT de)
 Institute of Computer Science
 University of Osnabrueck, Germany

 Alessandro Saffiotti (asaffio AT aass DOT oru DOT se)
 AASS Mobile Robotics Laboratory
 University of Orebro, Sweden


  February 4, 2008: Submission deadline
  April 1, 2008:    Notification of acceptance
  May 12, 2008:     Final version due
  Fall 2008:        Expected publication date



  Apologies for cross-posting.  Please forward this announcement to 
  all those who might be interested. Thank you.

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