[robotics-worldwide] Post. Doc. Jobs in Active Sonar in Denmark and Belgium

John Hallam john at mmmi.sdu.dk
Fri Dec 21 04:00:14 PST 2007

Active sonar perception inspired by bats

... at Universiteit Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium, and University of
Southern Denmark (SDU), Odense, Denmark in the framework of the EU
project ChiroPing (01/02/2008 -- 31/01/2011).

ChiroPing is a multidisciplinary research collaboration between 4
universities in the area of sensing for autonomous systems.

The principal objective of the project is to discover how to engineer
embodied active sonar perception systems which can serve as a complement
to vision and facilitate the deployment of robotic systems in situations
where vision is infeasible.

The project will implement and evaluate two demonstration systems built
as biomimetic models of an insect gleaning and a water-trawling bat
species respectively. It will use a classic biomimetic methodology,
involving close collaboration between bat ethologists and roboticists.
It will proceed by identifying and measuring the relevant acoustic and
morphological parameters of a few carefully selected bat species,
reconstructing from that the bat's acoustic experience as it flies
through natural hunting tasks. From this data, computational models of
how the bat coordinates its acoustic, behavioural and morphological
choices during hunting will be elicited and implemented on appropriate
robotic systems.

For further information on the project, see

Recruitment to a PostDoc position (max. 3 years)

What we expect:

Recent Ph. D. diploma in one of the areas of acoustics, robotics or
signal processing. Extensive expertise in C programming and
mathematics/signal analysis/ pattern recognition is necessary.

What we offer:

We offer a full-time position with a maximum duration of 3 years on an
exciting research project in an active and reputable research
group. The gross salary for the PostDoc will be according to the
standard rates and conditions at the employing institution, either
Universiteit Antwerpen or University of Southern Denmark.

Information and application

For information and application to Universiteit Antwerpen please contact: 
Prof. dr. ir. Herbert Peremans, herbert.peremans at ua.ac.be

For information on Chiroping at SDU please contact:
Professor John Hallam, john at mmmi.sdu.dk (after 2 January 2008).

For application to University of Southern Denmark, the position will
be advertised shortly here:

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