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Call for Papers 

International Journal of Humanoid Robotics (IJHR)  

Special Issue on Interactive Humanoid Robots 

Guest Editors: Norihiro Hagita (ATR, Japan) and Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka
University, Japan) 

Over the past several years, many humanoid robots have been developed, and
they can typically make sophisticated human-like expressions with their head
and arms. We believe that humanoid robots will be suitable for interaction
with people. The human-like bodies of humanoid robots enable humans to
intuitively understand their gestures and cause people to unconsciously
behave as if they were communicating with humans. Thus, as well as providing
physical support, these robots will supply communication support such as
route-guidance. In the future, we believe that these robots will behave as
peer-partners to support daily human activities based on advanced
interaction capabilities. 

For realizing the interactive robots, we need to establish an
interdisciplinary study between robotics, psychology, cognitive science, and
so forth. Cognitive science, especially on ideas of body properties for
communication, helps to design more effective robot-behaviors for
interacting with humans. On the other hand, the developed robot can be used
for verifying theories of cognitive science. We consider this unique
interdisciplinary relationship enable us to develop the new type of robot. 

This special issue will focus on the interdisciplinary approach as well as
the robotics research toward interactive humanoid robots. Papers on all
aspects of interactive humanoid robots are welcome, including - but not
limited to - the following topics: 

Vision, audition, and tactile sensing and multimodal communication 
Networked robotics and ubiquitous robotics 
Autonomy design 
Controller and mechanisms for human-robot interaction 
Human-robot cooperation and collaboration 
User modeling 
User studies in laboratory experiments and field trials 
Social studies and cross-cultural studies 
Tele-presence with humanoid robots 
Android science 

Papers submitted must have not been published and are not being considered
for publication in any journal. Substantial revisions of conference papers
are eligible and authors should inform the Guest Editors at the time of
submission. All the submissions will undergo the regular review process by 3
referees. Interested authors should follow the Guidelines for Contributors
and typeset contributions using the style/template document (Readme /

When submitting papers to the Editor, please indicate clearly the
appropriate information in your paper (name and affiliation of the
corresponding author, contact e-mail, fax, phone, mailing address, etc.). 

Please submit papers at http://www.worldscinet.com/ijhr/ijhr.shtml with a
note "For Interactive Humanoid Robots Special Issue." 

Paper submission deadline:    May 1, 2007 
Final notice of acceptance:   August 1, 2007 
Final version manuscripts due:   November 1, 2007 
Special issue to appear:   March 1, 2008 (Vol. 5, No. 1) 

Please email any enquiries to the guest editors, Norihiro Hagita
(hagita at atr.jp) and Hiroshi Ishiguro (ishiguro at ams.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp). 

Dr. Takayuki Kanda
Senior research scientist
ATR Intelligent Robotics & Communication Labs.
URL http://www.irc.atr.jp/~kanda/
E-mail: kanda at atr.jp
Tel: +81 774 95 1424  Fax: +81 774 95 1408


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