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ECAL 2007 Workshop
Call for papers for ECAL2007 Workshop on

Multi-agent Systems in Biology and Robotics

Pedro U. Lima (Institute for Systems and Robotics, Instituto Superior 
Técnico, Technical U. Lisbon)
Jorge Carneiro (Gulbenkian Institute of Science, Portugal)



Recent years have witnessed a strong mutual interest between researchers 
from Multi-Agent Systems, Robotics, and Biology, in a diversity of 
topics ranging from bio-inspired robots to the understanding of the 
behavior of cell populations. On the one hand, biology concepts, such as 
swarming and flocking, observed in insects and birds, can provide 
significant insight on how to control (formations composed of) multiple 
robots. On the other hand, research on artificial multi-agent systems, 
often developed by control, artificial intelligence and artificial life 
researchers, can help to advance the studies on the dynamics of cell 
populations in the immune system or during the development of 
multicellular organisms.

Exploring the relations between multi-agent, robotic and biological 
systems, and how each of these fields can benefit of cutting-edge 
research and state-of-the-art knowledge in the others, is certainly a 
major challenge. This workshop aims to bring together top level 
researchers from from both communities, to present their latest results 
on related topics and discuss themes of common interest in an 
open-minded and cross-fertilizing atmosphere. The hope is that the 
open-minded debate during the workshop will push further the forefront 
of the individual research fields.

The program includes two invited presentations who will set the tone for 
discussion, and a set of presentations selected from submitted papers 
referring to topics such as, but not limited to,

* bio-mimetic robots
* robotic assistants
* robot formation control
* robot swarms
* immune system modeling
* individual-oriented cell population dynamics
* patterning and morphogenesis in multicellular systems
* self-organization


Stan Marée, from the University of Utrecht, who, a few years ago, 
contributed the first successful approach to modeling the morphogenesis 
of a whole multicellular organism.

Dejan Milutinovic, from Duke University, whose PhD thesis built a bridge 
between immunobiology and robotics and was awarded the 2nd place 
(including an invitation to write a book for Springer Verlag) in the 
European Robotics Network 2006 Georges Giralt PhD Award for the best 
European PhD thesis in 2005.


Check the instructions on the Workshop site:

Papers submission deadline: April 9, 2007
Notification of acceptance: May 14, 2007
Camera ready submissions: May 31, 2007
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