[robotics-worldwide] 2ND CALL FOR PAPERS - 2007 ROBÓTICA, The 7th Conference on Mobile Robots and Competitions

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The 7th Conference on Mobile Robots and Competitions
Paderne, Algarve, Portugal
April 27th, 2007

With the Technical Co-Sponsorship of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

-------------------   2ND  CALL FOR PAPERS      ----------------------------

The 7th Conference on Mobile Robots and Competitions is a meeting in the field
of Mobile Robotics organized with the technical co-sponsorship of the IEEE.
Will be held in Paderne, Algarve, in April the 27th, 2007, in conjunction with
the  2007 ROBÓTICA Competitions and Demonstrations as the core meeting for the
presentation of scientific contributions in areas of relevance to ROBÓTICA.
Its scope encompasses, but is not restricted to the fields of Artificial
Intelligence, Robotics, and Education.


* Artificial Intelligence
* Architectures for Mobile Robots
* Sensors and Sensor Integration
* Motion and Actuation Systems
* Planning, Reasoning and Modelling
* Vision and Image-Processing
* Cooperative Navigation and Control
* Cooperative Perception
* Navigation and Control of Mobile Robots
* Recognition, Localization, Tracking, SLAM
* Multi-Agent Systems
* Human-Robot Interaction
* Applications of Autonomous Intelligent Robots
* Simulation and Visualization
* Robotic Competitions
* Computer and Robotic Entertainments


February 28, 2007 -  Submission of full-length papers
March 31, 2007 -  Notification of paper acceptance
April 6, 2007 -  Submission of final camera-ready papers
April 27, 2007 - Begins ROBÓTICA2007

INVITED SPEAKER:  Roland Siegwart (EPFL - CH)


Alberto Broggi (UNIPRE - IT)
Anatoly P. Pashkevitch (UNIBEL - BY)
Aníbal Ollero (US - ES)
Carlos Carreto (IPG - PT)
Estela Bicho (UMinho - PT)
Fernando Lobo Pereira(FEUP - PT)
Filipe Silva (UA - PT)
Gerhard Kraezschmar (ULM - D)
Hideki Hashimoto (UTokio - JP)
J. Tenreiro Machado (ISEP - PT)
João Sequeira (IST - PT)
Jonathan Roberts (SCIRO - AU)
José Santos-Victor (IST - PT)
Karl H. Johansson (KTH - SE)
Kimon Valavanis (USF - USA)
Luigi Villani (UNINA - IT)
Luís Almeida (UA - PT)
Luis Paulo Reis (FEUP - PT)
Luís Seabra Lopes (UA - PT)
Maria Isabel Ribeiro (IST - PT)
Oscar von Stryk  (TU-Darmstad - D)
Paulo Costa (FEUP - PT)
Paulo Oliveira (IST - PT)
Pedro Fonseca (UA - PT)
Peter Kopacek (TUWIEN - AT)
Raja Chatila (LAAS - FR)
Rui Araújo (UC - PT)
Sá da Costa (IST - PT)
Urbano Nunes (UC - PT)
Vijay Kumar (UPENN - USA)


António Ruano (DEEI - Universidade do Algarve)  Chair
Daniel Castro (DEEI - Universidade do Algarve)  Vice Chair
Sónia Fernandes (CCVAlg)

For more information please visit 2007 Robótica web page:

Call for contributed papers:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to
ecrobotica2007 at ccvalg.pt
robotica2007 at csi.fct.ualg.pt

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