[robotics-worldwide] stipends for students with Bachelor degree

Andreas Birk a.birk at iu-bremen.de
Mon Feb 12 06:01:16 PST 2007

Stipends for students with Bachelor degree

Smart Systems at Jacobs University

There are stipends available for applicants to the master-track in the 
graduate program Smart Systems at Jacobs University. The stipends 
include the tuition fees and a monthly payment of 600,- Euro. They run 
over the duration of master studies, i.e., 2 years.

Applicants should have an excellent Bachelor degree to be eligible. 
Involvement in off-curricula activities like participation in 
competitions is also an asset we look for. Students in a German 
Diplomstudiengang may apply with a Vordiplom and at least one semester 
of Hauptstudium.

The Smart Systems graduate program starts at September 1st. Applications 
are accepted until May 1st. Detailed Information on how to apply can be 
found at

The Smart System program offers courses in Robotics, AI, Networking, 
Databases,  Computer Graphics and Visualization,  and Mathematics of 
Complex Systems. The program is very research oriented. It offers 
excellent mentoring with a high professor to student ratio, first class 
labs, and early engagement in scientific work.
The Smart Systems program also offers a PhD track, which can be entered 
subsequently to Master studies. There are also attractive stipends for 
PhD students available. Students with a graduate degree can apply for a 
PhD position with a detailed statement about their qualifications and 
interests, which must be directly tailored to one of the research fields 
of Smart Systems faculty:

Note: Jacobs University / International University Bremen (IUB)

Please note the name-change of our institution. The Swiss Jacobs 
Foundation invests 200 Million Euro in International University Bremen 
(IUB) over a five-year period starting from 2007. To date this is the 
largest donation ever given in Europe by a private foundation to a 
science institution. In appreciation of the benefactors and to further 
promote the university's unique profile in higher education and 
research, the boards of IUB have decided to change the university's name 
to Jacobs University Bremen.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Birk
Jacobs University

School of Engineering and Science
Research 1, Campus Ring 12, 28759 Bremen, Germany


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