[robotics-worldwide] Job Advert: Re-advertisement, Planning & Reasoning about Sensory Processing for Cognitive Robotics

Jeremy L Wyatt J.L.Wyatt at cs.bham.ac.uk
Fri Feb 23 09:34:32 PST 2007

Please note that this is a re-advertisement. Previous applicants need 
not re-apply.

Research fellow
Cognitive robotics project
School of computer science

Applications are invited for a Research Fellow to work on an EC-Funded 
project: CoSy: Cognitive Systems for Cognitive Assistants. This is a 
very ambitious multi-disciplinary project in which we are working to 
reintegrate some of the efforts in different areas of AI and Cognitive 
Science, notably cognitive architectures, planning, reasoning, robotics, 
computer vision, natural language understanding, cognitive psychology 
and machine learning.

You will specifically be required to work on reasoning and learning 
about sensing and perceptual processing in a robot able to manipulate 
objects, with an emphasis on visual processing. The goal of the work 
will be to develop new sequential decision making methods for choosing 
sensing actions and making inferences about a scene when the robot has 
to make decisions about where to look, and what visual processing to 
perform. These methods are likely to involve planning (both symbolic and 
probabilistic approaches are relevant), learning for sequential decision 
making (e.g. reinforcement learning), and uncertain reasoning (e.g. 
Bayesian reasoning for fusion of visual processing results).

Applicants should hold, or be working towards the achievement of a PhD 
in Computer Science, AI, Cognitive Science, Engineering or related 
subject OR have equivalent research experience in robotics/vision 
research and linux expertise.

Research expertise in at least one area of planning or learning for 
sequential decision making is essential. You will also have a track 
record of strong publications in at least one of the following areas:

     * Uncertain reasoning and planning
     * Machine learning and statistical inference
     * Computer vision
     * Symbolic reasoning and planning

You will need excellent programming skills, in C/C++ or Java, together 
with the ability to engineer software to very high standards of 
reliability. You will work in a team of six researchers at Birmingham 
and along with partner groups in six other universities, working on an 
ambitious interdisciplinary EC-funded robotic project described at the 
CoSy web sites: www.cognitivesystems.org , 

You will also be expected to contribute to the management of the group, 
grant writing, and setting the research agenda for the future work of 
the group. Strong communication and management skills are therefore also 
essential. Please check those web sites for up to date
information about the project and this post before applying.

Starting salary in the range of £32,795 to £39,160 a year (potential 
progression on performance once in post to £44,074 a year), or in the 
range of £24,402 to £31,840 (potential progression once in post to 
£33,799 a year). This post is available from March 2007 until 28 
February 2008 in the first instance, however it is normal, and expected, 
that the post will be extended for the full duration of the project (31 
August 2008).

Informal enquiries to Dr Jeremy Wyatt (preferably by) email: 
J.L.Wyatt at cs.bham.ac.uk tel:- 0121 414 4788 or to Prof Aaron Sloman 
email: A.Sloman at cs.bham.ac.uk tel:- 0121 414 4775 or to Dr Richard 
Dearden, R.W.Dearden at cs.bham.ac.uk

Closing date: 14 March 2007

Reference: S43099

Details from 0121 415 9000 or www.hr.bham.ac.uk/jobs
HR, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT

A University of Fairness and Diversity

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