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Radu Bogdan Rusu rusu at cs.tum.edu
Sun Jul 8 11:26:37 PDT 2007

                                   Call for Participation

                      *** DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 22th of July 2007 ***

                     Player Summer School on Cognitive Robotics (PSSCR'07)
                                    August 13-20, 2007
                                      Munich, Germany

[CFP leaflet available at http://psscr07.cs.tum.edu/cfp.pdf. text version follows]

The goal of the PSSCR'07 is to bring together researchers and students from various areas 
of robotics, computer vision, cognitive sciences and machine learning. In these fields it 
is absolutely essential that the research problems are not studied in isolation but rather 
in the context of a complete and reliably operating technical system. One problem with 
research in integrated embedded systems is that developers need competence in many 
disciplines, including complex system design, perception, robotics, control theory, and 
artificial intelligence. Few researchers are generalists who can bridge the gaps between 
the disciplines and often the resulting systems are heavily biased towards individual 
capabilities such as vision-based perception. Small research groups do not have the 
necessary resources to develop and operate such systems on their own.

Consequently, the intelligent robotics research community increasingly relies on open 
source software development teams, geographically distributed all over the world. One of 
the most successful of these initiatives in the autonomous robotics community is the 
Player Project, with developers from over 50 research groups and institutions worldwide.

In PSSCR'07, we bring together the leading software designers, developers and users of the 
Player Project to give lectures and practical courses to the researchers in the fields of 
autonomous robotics and cognitive technical systems -- in particular, to graduate students 
and young researchers.

In an 8-day marathon, we will investigate core problems (and solutions) in the field of 
technical cognitive systems, with an emphasis on implementation and architecture, allowing 
the participants to bring back the knowledge of integrated system design and realization 
to their own research groups.

A primary focus of the school is the Player software suite which is widely used in 
classrooms and laboratories around the world and has become a de facto standard in the 
robotics and ubiquitous computing research communities.

The summer school is co-organized by the Intelligent Autonomous Systems group from 
Technische Universität München, and the Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI 
International, an independent, non-profit research institute.

* Michael Beetz, Technische Universität München, Germany
* Brian Gerkey, SRI Artificial Intelligence Center, USA
* Kurt Konolige, SRI Artificial Intelligence Center/Stanford University, USA
* Radu Bogdan Rusu, Technische Universität München, Germany
* Richard T. Vaughan, Simon Fraser University, Canada

PSSCR'07 is supported by the CoTeSys ("Cognition for Technical Systems'') cluster of 
excellence, and EURON ("EUropean RObotics Network'').

The summer school will be organized into lectured courses, practical courses and 
complementary talks about current leading-edge research topics. During the school, the 
students will have the opportunity to attend expert lectures and participate in a variety 
of challenging and exciting practical sessions. These hands-on development sessions will 
be chosen from key research areas (e.g., robot navigation, exploration, mapping and 
localization, manipulation), and will allow the students to learn and implement 
state-of-the-art algorithms for solving various problems, with the use of tools from the 
Player Project. The results of the school will be made publicly available to the community 
as open source software, through the Player Project.

The school will begin with an introductory module on Player/Stage/Gazebo followed by 
focused modules on simulation and modeling, feature extraction and data interpretation, 
model learning, action selection/task allocation and planning.

Each day, a lecturer will give a talk about one of the above mentioned topics in the 
morning, with implementation-oriented practicals and more advanced lectures following in 
the afternoon. The students will be allowed and encouraged to work in teams during the 
entire duration of the summer school.

As our demonstration and practical platforms, we will use intelligent sensor-equipped 
environments for cognitive robotic assistants, as well as teams of robots for multirobot 
coordination and exploration tasks.

PSSCR'07 will be an opportunity to participate to lectures held by the core developers and 
maintainers of the Player project.

The summer school plans to attract around 30 participants from institutions and countries 
all around the world. Thanks to the support from CoTeSys and EURON, students will pay a 
fee of only 250 euro, with the remaining costs (excluding travel expenses) provided by the 
school. The students will be chosen based on the above-mentioned criteria. Students coming 
from EURON member institutions will have precedence.

Applications should be sent to psscr07 at cs_tum_edu with Application for PSSCR'07 as the 

The summer school will be held in Munich, Germany, from August 13 to August 20, 2007.

Munich is Germany's 3rd largest city and one of its most popular ones, with approximately 
1.3 million people living in the city, and around 2.7 million in the metropolitan area. 
Its proximity to the Alps, the Oktoberfest (world's largest beer festival), the Englischer 
Garten (one of world's largest urban public parks), the Deutsche Museum (the world's 
oldest and largest technical museum), as well beer gardens (Biergarten), coffee shops, 
restaurants, museums, churches, etc, are just some bits of what Munich has to offer to the 
adventurous tourist.

Munich is also the home of more than 100,000 students, some studying at Germany's best 
universities: TUM and LMU.

The Scientific Research Campus will be the main venue for the school. This campus is 
located approximately 19km from the city center, easily accessible via the Munich Subway 
system (U-Bahn).

The summer school will offer lodging to all participants. Students will be hosted in a 
nice Ibis Hotel located in Garching Hochbrück, just two subway stations away from the 
scientific campus and one from the famous Allianz Arena stadium. Quick access to the city 
center (Munich Marienplatz) is also provided via to the U6 subway line.

The hotel offers 105 rooms (including 3 for guests with limited mobility) with 
air-conditioning and WiFi Internet access. A restaurant, a bar and undercover pay parking 
are at your disposal. Breakfast is served from 4am to noon and is included in the room price.

Lodging will be in double/twin rooms. A limited number of single rooms are also available.

Fax: +49-(89)-289-17757
Web: http://psscr07.cs.tum.edu/
E-mail: psscr07 at cs_tum_edu

Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group
Computer Science Department IX, Technische Universität München
Boltzmannstr. 3
D-85748 Garching b. München

Best regards,
Radu Bogdan Rusu.
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