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Henrik Hautop Lund hhl at mmmi.sdu.dk
Wed Jul 11 01:33:15 PDT 2007


10,000 euro cash prize to the most playful robotic system


The Robots at Play Prize 2007 is an international prize for the most 
playful and/or interactive robotic system. It is given in connection 
with the Robots at Play Festival in Odense, Denmark, on 23-25 August 
2007, and sponsored by Fionia Bank.

Robotic systems are entering into the daily life on citizens all over 
the world. Vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, toys, playgrounds, 
rehabilitation equipment, fitness equipment, etc. are becoming robotic 
systems. In such a development, it is crucial to design robotic systems 
that are interactive and well integrated into the daily life in its 
natural surroundings, being at home, in the urban space, in sports club, 
in theatre, in hospitals, in developing countries, etc. This design 
challenge demands integration of different disciplines such as robotics, 
design, interaction design, and arts.

The Robots at Play Prize of 10.000 euro is aimed at reinforcing the 
integration of such disciplines and societal understanding in robotics. 
The prize promotes robotic systems for use in all aspects of daily life 
for the benefit of humans and interactivity with humans.

A prominent example of such a system is playware, which combines 
robotics, design, arts, play studies and industrial development to 
create the playgrounds of tomorrow - playgrounds that are based on 
robotic components in order to create joyful physical activity in fight 
against obesity. The Playware is developed by one of the committee 
members and therefore not nominated for the Robots at Play Prize, and 
serves only as an example.

The international Robots at Play Prize is open to any candidate robotic 
system world-wide. It is open for anybody world-wide to suggest 
candidate robotic systems. Candidate robotic systems will be evaluated 
during the festival by an academic/industrial committee based upon their 
qualities in terms of being

· interactive
· innovative
· playful

and also in terms of their

· design
· functionality
· potential impact on society

The committee will evaluate the nominated candidates. Nominated 
candidates are invited to join the Robots at Play Festival in order to 
showcase their robotic system to the public, as part of the evaluation 
for the prize. The Robots at Play Prize 2007 ceremony will be held on 
evening 24th August 2007 in Odense, Denmark, during the Robots at Play 

Candidate descriptions including abstract, www-information, photo, and 
inventor/developer contact information should be sent to the committee 
chair Professor Henrik Hautop Lund, University of Southern Denmark, by 
email: hhl at mmmi.sdu.dk no later than 1st August 2007.

The committee consists of members from the Academy of Fine Arts, 
RoboCluster, and Danish industry

The overall aim of the Robots at Play Festival is to spread knowledge 
about robotics by presenting interactive robotic systems in the daily 
life of the citizens. Therefore, the festival takes place on an open 
city square, in art museums, library, bars, cinema, etc. in the city 
centre of Odense that has nominated “play and robotics” as its future 
focus for industrial and city development. Apart from the prize, the 
festi­val hosts numerous events like robot construction, robot bazaar, 
robot film presentati­ons, play, learning, robot art exhibition, robot 
art performances, RoboMusic development, a stage show, an international 
Playful Robotic Art conference and a debate on robotics ethics. All 
events take place in the centre of the city amongst the citizens in 
their daily environment. Please have a look at the video from last 
year's festival (http://www.robotsatplay.dk/video_uk.html) and the 
descriptions of activities and photos of some of the robots from the 
forthcoming 2007 festival on the web-site.

Robots at Play Festival, Odense, Denmark, 23-25 August 2007: 

Yours sincerely,

Henrik Hautop Lund, professor
Chair of the Robots at Play Festival

Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute
University of Southern Denmark
Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M, Denmark
Tel: +45 6550 3574 Fax: +45 6615 7697
hhl at mmmi.sdu.dk

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