[robotics-worldwide] CFP IROS 2007 Workshop "Measures and Procedures for the Evaluation of Robot Architectures and Middleware"

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               Measures and Procedures for the Evaluation
                 of Robot Architectures and Middleware

                to be held in conjunction with IROS 2007
                     29 October - 2 November, 2007
                           San Diego CA, USA

                      Call for Papers/Participation


At the core of any robot design project is the question for an appropriate
system architecture and communication infrastructure. The conceptual design
of robot architectures and communication infrastructure ("middleware") has
therefore been a fundamental research topic in robotics since its inception.

While in some fields of robotics over the past decades research has converged
into approaches and solutions which are considered as best practice (e.g.
SLAM or motion planning), a critical view on existing robot architectures
and middleware reveals that this field is far from converging into some
best practice solution. Quite the opposite is the case: almost every
research lab or research group has designed its own architecture.

This is not even desirable from a pure research perspective where a multitude
of solutions is occasionally preferable to a single one. One would expect
that some principles in designing a robot system should have become common
sense regardless of the specific instantiation and applications at hand. It
is even less desirable from a point of view which takes into consideration
the progress of the overall field and the transfer of viable research results
into new robotics products. From that point of view a convergence of research
in robot architectures towards some best practice solution would be most

The objective of this workshop is to initiate a discussion on measuring and
evaluation of robot architectures. Measurability and objective evaluation
seem to be very important first steps towards such a convergence of technology
in robot architectures and communication infrastructure. It is therefore
essential to establish a sound culture of measuring and comparing robot
architectures and middleware.

We solicit contributions mainly from three groups of experts:
1. Developers of robot architectures and communication infrastructures
2. Users with profound experience with (an) existing approach(es)
3. Industrial/academic users with a clear requirement profile which
    is not yet met by an existing approach

Ideally the contributions are written in the style of a White Paper on
the workshop subject. The organizers are aware of the fact that writing
a white paper on the subject is not a trivial issue. Still there is hope
that the contributions will make an attempt to go into that direction.

Contributions from developers should explain in detail in which respect
their approach outperforms others and which deficiencies it overcomes.
The approach shall be described on no more than two pages. The rest of
the paper should be devoted to a comparative evaluation.

Users with a profound experience are invited to report on their experiences.
Contributions should not only enumerate exclusively all the advantages or
all the disadvantages of an approach. Contributions should be fair and

Industrial users are encouraged the present their expectations and
requirements regarding a robot architecture and communication infra-
structure, which would support them in their system developments and
in the integration of their components into larger systems or plants.

We expect contributions to have something in between 5 and 15 pages.

Erwin Prassler, B-IT Bonn-Aachen Int. Center for Information Technology
Azamat Shakhimardanov, B-IT Bonn-Aachen Int. Center for Information Technology
Klas Nilsson, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden

24 August 2007   Submission of contributions
31 August 2007   Notification of acceptance
29 October 2007  Workshop

We suggest using the IROS 2007 formats, which you find on

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