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Isabel Ribeiro mir at isr.ist.utl.pt
Wed Jul 25 11:57:37 PDT 2007

1 Postdoctoral research position in Remote Handling applied to Nuclear 
Instituto Superior Técnico, through its research unit “Centro de Fusão 
Nuclear – Laboratório Associado” (CFN-LA) (http://www.cfn.ist.utl.pt), 
offers 1 postdoctoral research position in the field of Remote Handling 
applied to Nuclear Fusion.

“Centro de Fusão Nuclear – Laboratório Associado” (CFN-LA) is a research 
institute of the Instituto Superior Técnico, one of the oldest and 
largest schools of Science and Engineering in Portugal. CFN-LA is a 
research unit with expertise in physics, engineering and technologies 
related with Nuclear Fusion, Ultra-Intense Lasers and Gas Discharges, 
which participates in a new large-scale long-duration high-tech project 
of a Fusion reactor (ITER). The work will be done in the framework of 
the IST/EURATOM Association with the collaboration of robotic 
researchers from Institute for Systems and Robotics – Lisbon 
(ISR-Lisbon) (http://www.isr.ist.utl.pt)

Development of independent research and development work in the area of 
remote handling applied to nuclear fusion and in particular to ITER 
(International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) 
(http://www.iter.org), aimed at contributing to the study, design and 
implementation of remote handling solutions at ITER and to foster the 
participation of Portuguese teams in ITER activities. The work will be 
done in the framework of the IST/EURATOM association and under the 
general supervision of IST senior faculty members with experience in 
robotics and in nuclear fusion.

Developing research and development work with a multidisciplinary focus, 
founded on solid methodologies of robotics, computer vision, 
tele-operation and related areas applied to remote handling and vision 
based inspection activities in nuclear fusion, in particular for ITER. 
Work topics will be related with:
• Mobile robotics navigation, including control and command 
architectures, sensing devices, remote control for the Transfer Cask 
System of ITER;
• Robotics manipulation for large scale operation and tele-operation;
• Viewing systems, inspection systems;
• Simulation of remote handling operations.
Activities will include the participation in research projects related 
with ITER remote handling tasks carried out by the EURATOM/IST 
Association and the close contact with Portuguese entities (research 
units and industries) aiming at fostering the Portuguese participation 
in ITER activities. Research activities may include the supervision and 
training of post-graduate students, including Ph.D. candidates.

Candidates are expected to hold a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer 
Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or in related areas and to have 
developed research in the fields listed above. Management skills in 
science and technology will be required.

Degree: PhD; Degree field: Electrical and Computer Engineering or 
Mechanical Engineering or related areas
Years of research experience: minimum of 3 years
Working language: English

The successful candidates will receive a competitive salary in 
accordance with the university regulations for a senior researcher. The 
position is for one year, with possible contract renovation up to 5 
years. The annual gross income, before taxes, will be 3,038.06 Euros x 
14 months.

By email to concursosCFN at cfn.ist.utl.pt with the following information:
- Identification of the candidate
- Curriculum Vitae/resume
- Letters of Reference
- Statement of purpose for the period of the contract.

For more details, including application deadlines and selection 
committee, see

Isabel Ribeiro, Full Professor
Institute for Systems and Robotics
Instituto Superior Tecnico
Av. Rovisco Pais, 1
1049-001 Lisboa PORTUGAL

Phone:+351 21 8418059, Fax:+351 21 8418291
URL: http://www.isr.ist.utl.pt/

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