[robotics-worldwide] (Second) CFP: Special Issue on Humanoid Technologies

Gordon Cheng gordon at atr.jp
Mon Mar 5 06:35:47 PST 2007

(Second) Call for Papers

Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems: Special Issue on Humanoid  

The realisation of a humanoid robot hinges upon a great deal of  
technical “know-how”: impact on progress highly depends on such “know- 
how”. The idea of a workshop on Humanoid Technologies, held at the  
IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Genova, Italy,  
December 2006), was to draw together research groups in the area of  
humanoid robotics in examining the past and recent advancements in  
humanoid technologies, and to propose ways to fast track towards a  
better future for the development of “humanoid technologies” in  
advancing at large the research field of Humanoid Robotics. This call  
for papers serves as a follow on to the Workshop. (http:// 

More specifically, while examining the state-of-the-art approaches,  
reliability is now an open issue, to move away from the customary 10- 
second benchmark experiments of the past, to produce reliable systems  
tested over long lasting operational demonstrations. Within this  
context, the old problems of interfacing and integrating different  
subsystems become more and more significant. From the sensing and  
control point of view, the paradigm of a centralized computer is not  
sufficient and, in fact, the emerging approach is based on the  
development of distributed sensor and control networks. Therefore,  
system level design, development, maintenance, and upgrading of  
humanoid robotic platforms require new tools and methodologies.

Papers are solicited to foster the technical aspects of (but not  
limited to):

- How to exploit distributed and parallel structures for sensing and  
- How to develop new algorithms and protocols;
- How to integrate heterogeneous components flexibly and with an eye  
at scalability;
- Whether there is a need for specialized hardware and software  
(networks and protocols);
- Whether we require programmable vs. hardware devices, industrial  
state-of-the-art vs. custom chips;
- Whether there is any technological breakthrough along the way: e.g.  
self-reconfiguring connections.

Important Dates:
Call for papers: January 31st, 2007
Deadline for Paper Submission: April 30th, 2007
Reviews to authors:  May 25th, 2007
Final Submission: June 15th, 2007

Guest Editors:
Gordon Cheng      Giorgio Metta           Giorgio Cannata          
Giulio Sandini
ATR, Kyoto/JST-   LIRA-Lab, DIST-         DIST-University of       
ICORP, Saitama,   University of Genova,   Genova, Genova,          
University of Genova,
Japan.            Genova, Italy.          Italy.                   
Genova, Italy.
gordon at atr.jp     pasa at liralab.it         cannata at dist.unige.it    
sandini at unige.it

Submission of Papers:
Submissions should comply with the publication guidelines for the  
journal Robotics and Autonomous Systems (http://ees.elsevier.com/ 
robot/). They should be sent by email to [gordon at atr.jp] in PDF  
format. The subject of the email should read "RAS Humanoid  
Technologies Submission". All submissions must arrive no later than  
April 30th, 2007.

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