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Frank E. Schneider frank.schneider at fgan.de
Tue Mar 6 00:02:28 PST 2007

The 13th IASTED International Conference on Robotics and Applications
29--31.Aug.2007, Würzburg, Germany


Outdoor Robotics - Taking Robots off road

The domain of outdoor robotics includes many applications where the
robots have to operate in varies kinds of semi-structured or even
unstructured environments. Examples include agriculture and forestry,
mining, construction, rescue, fire surveillance and fighting,
intervention in hazardous environments, autonomous driving, and
reconnaissance in military applications.

In many of these applications, the robots do not operate on
well-prepared and easily identifiable tracks but have to navigate
off-road in possibly unknown environments and uncontrolled conditions.
For these reasons, control systems for outdoor robots have to solve a
wide span of challenging problems. These include perception based on
noisy and incomplete data, modelling of outdoor environments as well as
off-road navigation, planning, and motion control.

The irregular structure of the environments, their huge size as well as
rough environmental conditions demand for novel solutions especially if
autonomous systems are envisioned. Today's approaches lack the
flexibility and robustness required for truly autonomous systems.

The aim of this special session is to bring together researchers working
on different aspects of outdoor robotics with the goal of increasing the
autonomy of today's systems. Authors are encouraged to submit their
novel and original contributions in this field. Selected papers will be
considered for being published in a book about vital aspects of outdoor

Contributions should be send to the following mail address with respect
to RA 2007 deadlines: Frank.Schneider at fgan.de

Submissions due                   April 1, 2007
Notification of acceptance        May 15, 2007
Final manuscripts due             June 1, 2007
Registration deadline             June 15, 2007

Frank E. Schneider

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