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                       Call for Papers
                      FOR RESEARCH AND EDUTAINMENT

                           October 2-5, 2007 
                        Buenos Aires, Argentina

               *** Submission deadline:  1 May 2007 ***

Autonomous Minirobots                  Purposeful Autonomous Behaviours
---------------------                  -------------------------------- 
Design and construction                Design and implementation 
Sensors and actuators                  Learning and artificial evolution 
Information processing architectures   Cooperation and collective behaviours

Simulation tools


Scope and aims of the Symposium
  With the beginning of the 21st century the primary applications for
robotics have shifted from industrial robots to entertainment, educational
and service robots. Correspondingly research is gaining a broader base by
spreading from a few well resourced laboratories into many small university
laboratories and even the hobbyist work bench. Primary and secondary school
students are participating in robot competitions in increasing numbers,
indicating the high educational and entertainment value of low cost
autonomous mobile robots. Small robots are also becoming increasingly useful
as a test bed for animal behavioural cognitive research and for small scale
prototyping of larger systems.
  All this has been made possible by the exponential increase of computing
power per unit cost and the shrinking sizes delivered by the
microelectronics industry. Small and inexpensive entertainment and
educational robots have overtaken industrial robots as the main driving
force for advancing autonomous robot technology, reminiscent of how desktop
computers, and now gaming computers, replaced the big mainframe computers as
the drivers for the advancement of computer technology. 

  The fourth International Symposium on Autonomous Minirobots  builds on the
success of its predecessors to provide a unique forum for autonomous
robotics research and development focused on applications in research,
education and entertainment. 

Technical program
The technical and scientific program will include invited keynote addresses
from leading researchers in the field, presentation of peer reviewed papers
and posters. Participants are encouraged to present live or video
demonstrations of the capabilities of their minirobots.

An exhibition, open to the general public, of research prototypes and
commercial minirobots that will be held in conjunction with the symposium.
Conference participants, universities and non-profit institutions that wish
to exhibit their creations will receive local assistance from the conference
organisers for preparing their stall. Various robot competitions will be
staged as part of the exhibition.

Authors are invited to submit papers on the following and related topics 
Minirobot construction      Computing architectures for robotics
Robot safety                Robot programming 
Robot control               Robot navigation
Map building                Task planning
Robot vision                Sensor systems
Sensor fusion               Multi-robot systems
Robot communication         Collective behaviour
Simulation and modeling     Robot interfaces
Robot kinematics            Robot applications
Real time learning          Evolutionary robotics
Bio-inspired robots         Telerobotics

Important dates:
Submission of papers    	1 May 2007
Notification of acceptance	22 June 2007
Final camera-ready paper	23 July 2007
Symposium                     2-5 October 2007

Category		until 27/07/06		after 27/07/06
Full			EUR 380			EUR 460
Student (includes lunches but excludes proceedings and dinner)
			EUR 150			EUR 200
Authors must have registered by 27 July 2007

Conference Co-chairs
Ulrich Rueckert (DE)
Joaquin Sitte (AU)
Jong-Hwan Kim (KR)

Technical Co-chairs
Naoyuki Kubota (JP)
Ulf Witkowski (DE)
Keynote speakers
Barbara Webb (UK)
Illah Nourbahksh (US)

International Program Committee
David Ahlgren (US)
Jacky Baltes (CA)
Thomas Braeunl (AU)
Ansgar Bredenfeld (DE)
Elmer Dadios (PH)
Marco Dorigo (BE)
Toshio Fukuda (JP)
Frederic Maire (AU)
Henrik Hautop Lund (DK)
Francesco Mondada (CH)
Stefano Nolfi (IT)
Kazuyuki Murase (JP)
Fernando Ramos (MX)
Gerhard Schweitzer (CH)
Zachary Dodds (US)
Adrian Thompson (UK)
Igor Verner (IL)
Paul Verschure (CH)
Peter Kopacek (AT)
Prahlad Vadakkepat (SG)
Giacomo Indiveri (CH)
Mattias Wahde (SE)
Gordon Wyeth (AU)
Gonzalo Zabala (AR)
Andrew Howard (US)

Local organising Committee
Juan M. Santos,  Chair 
Emilio Oca
Javier Barra 
Diego Bendersky 

Information for authors
Authors are invited to submit a full paper with a maximum length of 8 pages.
A detailed style sheets are available at:
All papers will be peer reviewed by three members of the International
Program Committee and published by Springer Verlag in a conference
proceedings volume.
Conference Secretariat
Smart Devices Lab
Faculty of Information Technology
Queensland University of Technology
GPO Box 2434
Ph: +61 7 3138 2755
Fax: +61 7 3138 1214
Email: amire2007 at fit.qut.edu.au
Home page: http://www.amire2007.fit.qut.edu.au/

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