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Special Session on: Improvements in Biped and Humanoid Robotics

url : http://www.iasted.org/conferences/specialsession1-563.html

The 13th IASTED International Conference on
Robotics and Applications,  RA  2007

url : http://www.iasted.org/conferences/home-563.html

Call for papers

Biped and especially humanoid robotics is an attractive and
multidisciplinary research field, it implies researchers in robotics,
biomechanics, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, intelligent
control, human sciences, computing sciences ... etc

Humanoids are particularly interesting for the applications where robots
have to evolve side by side with humans and use their facilities. They have
also the opportunity to interact with humans, learn and get human-like
behaviours. Recently advances in researches on humanoid robotics are
contributing in the enhancement of the understanding of the human body,
human brain and essentially the human intelligence.

This special session will highlight the latest development in this rapidly
growing research area, biped and humanoid robotics. The scope of this
session is, but not limited to:

   1. Intelligent pattern recognition.
   2. Intelligent vision computing in robotic systems.
   3. Intelligent architecture for biped and humanoid robotics.
   4. Intelligent control for Bipedal walking and locomotion.
   5. Biped biologically inspired robots.
   6. Biologically inspired behaviour.
   7. Multi-robots humanoid systems.
   8. Biped motion planning.

Submission Instructions

Initial paper submissions should be approximately six pages. Formatting
instructions are available at:


Paper should be send directly to the special session organizer on the
following mailing address:

Adel.alimi at ieee.org , Nizar.rokbani at gmail.com

Important Dates:

Submissions due: April 1, 2007
Notification of acceptance: May 15, 2007
Final manuscripts due: June 1, 2007
Registration deadline: June 15, 2007

Nizar Rokbani
Chercheur au REGIM

REGIM, Groupe de recherche sur les machines intelligentes
BP W, Ecole Nationale d'Ing de Sfax,
Sfax, Tunisie
Fax : +216 74 67 75 45
Tel : +216 74 27 40 88
Web : http://www.regim.net
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