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NREC is recruiting for open positions working on autonomous vehicles.
Please forward this information along to anyone you know that may be looking
for a job.

National Robotics Engineering Center
Job Openings - Autonomous Vehicles Development

The autonomous vehicles group of NREC / CMU is now recruiting candidates for
a large number of open staff and contractor positions.  Present needs
include software engineers, hardware engineers, mechanical engineers, CAD
designers, vehicle mechanics, and technical administrative assistants.


NREC is developing complex autonomous vehicles for a number of government
and commercial customers in several active programs.  Presently we are
recruiting to fill positions working on research and systems design for
autonomous technologies such as camera and laser vision systems, perception
and planning software, complex vehicle control in off-road environments,
user interface development, and hardware interface and control for hybrid
vehicle design.


NREC is looking for strong, self-motivated individuals who are looking to
push the state of the art technology in all dimensions.  Most of our
programs feature fast paced engineering cycles allowing the staff to design,
build, test, and analyze, pushing the boundaries of robotics and automation.
Our work atmosphere promotes quick prototyping with hands-on field testing
offering the chance to work with systems deployed in the field.  We recruit
individuals with a solid mixture of experience, education, creativity, and


The following job descriptions give specific needs that we are looking to


Research Programmer (Vehicle Subsystem Development):

We are looking for people to continue development of the vehicle controller
and navigation computing systems on the Crusher vehicles. Work will also
include building GUI's and interfacing with various onboard sensors and the
autonomy system.

-       C experience in a Unix-type environment required

-       C++, MFC, and QNX experience preferred

-       Positioning systems (GPS/IMU/INS) experience preferred


Robotics Engineer / Software Engineer (Autonomy Development):

We are looking for people with expertise/experience/familiarity in a sub-set
of the following: computer vision, working with 3D data, image processing,
building real-time perception systems, machine learning, object
recognition/classification, 2D/3D graphics, building simulators and GUI's,
interfacing to sensors. 

-       C/C++ experience working in Linux environment is required

-       Laser/camera vision or image processing experience preferred

-       Real-time systems and learning algorithms experience preferred


Research Programmer (Integration Role):

We are looking for people to help with systems level integration work.
Tasks will include setting up initial machine OS (QNX or linux),
coordinating systems level data flow, and writing communications software.  

-       C/C++ experience working in Linux environment is required

-       Linux and WinXP administrative experience preferred (installing
drivers, compiling code, setting up and debugging networks, bash scripts)


Hardware Engineer (Systems Development):

We are looking for people to help with systems design and implementation in
the areas of teleoperation, positioning systems, and wireless networking

-       Power supply and distribution experience preferred

-       Experience with previous autonomous vehicle development strongly


Mechanical Engineer (Custom Vehicle Design):

We are looking for people with expertise/experience/familiarity in a sub-set
of the following: hull structures, suspensions, engines, hybrid electric
motors, and overall vehicle mobility.

-       At least some experience in areas listed above is required

-       Experience in CAD required; Solidworks experience is preferred


Mechanical CAD Engineer (Concept Design):

We are looking for a talented CAD designer to work with the overall team to
illustrate concepts and quickly sketch implementations for development.

-       Must have experience in Solidworks; high proficiency required

-       Experience developing complex models (>1000 parts) is preferred


Robot Mechanic:

We are looking for a highly skilled vehicle mechanic to help build and
maintain various robots.  Tasks will include subsystem assembly, bracket
development, engine maintenance, field testing duties (including driving
chase vehicles, field repairs, etc.), general prototyping, and debugging.

-       Experience working with metal shops, wood shops, and hand tools is

-       Experience working on engines, high voltage electronics, low voltage
electronics is preferred


Testing Logistics Coordinator:

We are looking to hire someone to help coordinate logistics for outdoor
testing and heavy equipment.  This person will have to handle equipment
inventory and coordination with vehicle transport, security, and other
external organizations.

-       Must have experience dealing with fast moving timelines, technical
equipment, and heavy machinery

-       Experience in a previous field testing environment is preferred


Technical Assistant:

We are looking to hire someone to help with management and team operations.
This person will help program managers with a wide range of coordination and
administrative tasks.  Examples include organizing travel, mailing packages,
reviewing documents, maintaining meeting notes, collecting status from
overall team, reviewing proposals and presentations, etc. 

-       Previous experience with technical administration is preferred

-       Must be able to work with fast moving timelines and varying workload
(this position will be adapting to what is needed for each phase of

More information on NREC:

The National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) is a division of the
Robotics Institute (RI) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).  NREC works on
a wide variety of robotics and automation technologies for commercial and
government customers.  For more information on past and present projects,
visit our website at www.rec.ri.cmu.edu <http://www.rec.ri.cmu.edu/> .


For more information, please send resume or questions to:

UCI-recruiting at rec.ri.cmu.edu


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