[robotics-worldwide] 2nd Workshop on Swarming in Natural and Engineered Systems

Vijay Kumar kumar at grasp.upenn.edu
Mon Mar 26 02:19:03 PDT 2007

The 2nd Workshop on Swarming in Natural and Engineered Systems will  
be held at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia from May  
16-17. See http://www.swarms.org/workshop/2007 for more information.

The workshop brings together experts in artificial intelligence,  
control theory, robotics, systems engineering and biology with the  
goal of understanding swarming behaviors in nature and applications  
of biologically-inspired models of swarm behaviors to large networked  
groups of autonomous vehicles. We are specifically interested in  
developing a framework and methodology for the analysis of swarming  
behavior in biology and the synthesis of bio-inspired swarming  
behavior for engineered systems. The workshop will have three  
overarching themes. (1) Scaling of group behaviors with numbers of  
individuals and the size of individuals in nature and the design of  
scalable algorithms for networked vehicles. (2) The role of  
selfishness in aggregation and the implication for robotic swarms.  
(3) Decentralized approaches to estimation and control for  
applications beyond navigation.

The single-track workshop will feature invited talks, short oral  
presentations, poster presentations of research results, and  
moderated discussions.

The workshop is limited to 60 participants. Please contact the  
organizers at swarmsworkshop_at_grasp.upenn.edu as soon as possible  
if you are interested in attending. If you are interested in  
presenting and submitting a paper for the proceedings, please email a  
short abstract (text only, no attachments) to this address.

Vijay Kumar

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