[robotics-worldwide] [Deadline Extension] RSS 2007 Workshop - Robot Manipulation: Sensing and Adapting to the Real World

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           D E A D L I N E   E X T E N S I O N

                      RSS 2007 Workshop
    Robot Manipulation: Sensing and Adapting to the Real World

                  June 30, Atlanta, Georgia



We are pleased to announce that the final submission deadline for papers 
has been extended until May 11th.

The organizers invite you to submit a demo, poster, or paper for review 
to the RSS 2007 Workshop on Robot Manipulation: Sensing and Adapting to 
the Real World. The workshop will take place on Saturday, June 30th at 
the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Important Dates:

submission deadline - May 11th
notification of acceptance - May 25th
workshop - June 30th


The workshop will explore new approaches to autonomous robot 
manipulation that are specifically designed to handle the uncertainties 
of real world applications. There is a resurgence of interest in robot 
manipulation as researchers seek to push autonomous manipulation out of 
controlled laboratory settings and into applications such as domestic 
assistance, health care, and space exploration. This workshop will 
investigate promising approaches that address the challenges of 
autonomous manipulation within domains that require the robot to sense 
the world and adapt to the unexpected.
This full-day workshop will consist of talks, discussions, a poster 
session, and demos. It will conclude with a moderated discussion of 
potential future applications for autonomous robot manipulation focused 
on identifying tomorrow's driving applications and the research required 
to enable these applications.

This workshop is a successor to the RSS 2005 Workshop on Humanoid 
Manipulation and the RSS 2006 Workshop: Manipulation for Human Environments.

Appropriate topics include:

- Manipulation and mobile manipulation in poorly modeled environments
- Feedback control to achieve robust manipulation
- Emulation of everyday human manipulation capabilities
- Human-robot interaction for cooperative manipulation
- Semi-autonomous manipulation with human-in-the-loop control
- Sensing for manipulation in real-world environments (e.g., visual and 
- Learning, adaptation, and development for real-world manipulation
- Applications for autonomous robot manipulation
- Formal measures of performance in real-world environments
- Design and control of compliant and force controlled manipulators
- Reviews of the state of the art


All accepted work will be published in a citable digital archive of the 
proceedings. New results are welcome. We also encourage researchers with 
relevant work to retarget previously published results to the workshop 
topic. Authors will be asked to present their work as a talk, poster, or 
All submissions should be in PDF format using the RSS template 
(http://www.roboticsconference.org/rss-paper-template.tgz). Papers 
should be between 4 and 6 pages in length. Proposals for demos and 
posters should be 1 page in length. Demo proposals should describe the 
work to be demonstrated and include a relevant image. Poster proposals 
should include a description of the material to be presented.

Submissions should be emailed to arm-submissions at csail.mit.edu by May 
11th. Notification of acceptance will be given by May 25th.


Charles C. Kemp (Georgia Tech) (lead)
Aaron Edsinger (MIT)
Robert Platt (NASA JSC)
Neo Ee Sian (AIST)

Program Committee:

Oliver Brock              UMass Amherst
Henrik Christensen        Georgia Tech
Aaron Dollar              MIT
Andrew Fagg               University of Oklahoma
Paul Fitzpatrick          Italian Institute of Technology
Rod Grupen                UMass Amherst
Ayanna Howard             Georgia Tech
Chad Jenkins              Brown
Danica Kragic             KTH
Giorgio Metta             University of Genoa / Italian Institute of 
Lorenzo Natale            Italian Institute of Technology
Christian Ott             DLR
Alan Peters               Vanderbilt
Ashutosh Saxena           Stanford
Eduardo Torres-Jara       MIT

General Contact:

submissions - arm-submissions at csail.mit.edu
organizers - arm at csail.mit.edu
RSS 2007 - http://www.robotics-conference.org/
Workshop - http://manipulation.csail.mit.edu/

For Other Inquiries:

Charles C. Kemp
charlie.kemp at hsi.gatech.edu

Health Systems Institute
Georgia Tech and Emory University
901 Atlantic Drive, Suite 4100
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0477


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