[robotics-worldwide] MED 2007 Workshops (deadline extension)

Alfredo Weitzenfeld alfredo at itam.mx
Tue May 1 19:23:31 PDT 2007

Dear Roboticists,
We are extending the deadline for contributions to May 15th, 2007 for the
two workshops to be held Tuesday, June 26th, 2007 in Athens, Greece, prior
to the Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation MED’2007 held June
*        W1: Biorobotics: Biological Models and Medical Applications
Alfredo Weitzenfeld, ITAM, Mexico and University of South Florida, USA
Rajiv Dubey, University of South Florida, USA 
*        W2: RoboCup: Introduction and Scientific Challenges
Alfredo Weitzenfeld, ITAM, Mexico and Univ. of South Florida, USA 
Nikos Vlassis, Technical University of Crete, Greece 
For more information please see the web site:
Prof. Dr. Alfredo Weitzenfeld
Director ROBOTICS and CANNES Labs
Computer Engineering Dept
Río Hondo #1, San Angel Tizapán
México DF, MEXICO CP 01000 
email: alfredo at itam.mx
tel: +52-55-56284000 ext 3614 
tel: +52-55-56284060
fax: +52-55-56284065 
ROBOTICS Lab:  <http://robotica.itam.mx/> http://robotica.itam.mx
CANNES Lab: http://cannes.itam.mx <http://cannes.itam.mx/>  
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