[robotics-worldwide] Postdoctoral Position Available: Tufts University Medford, MA (USA)

Michael Doire Michael.Doire at tufts.edu
Wed Nov 7 10:00:49 PST 2007

POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER: A postdoctoral position is available for an
inventive Mechanical Engineer to spearhead a team designing and building a
new type of robot composed of soft materials.  The work will be carried out
in a new multidisciplinary facility (the Advanced Technologies Laboratory,
ATL) at Tufts University in Medford, part of the greater Boston area in
Massachusetts, USA. More information is available at:

This position is for an engineer with a good background in innovative design
who can work in an academic setting with a diverse group of biologists and
researchers from all the major engineering departments. The ideal candidate
must be willing to work with non-traditional materials and be able to
interact with computer scientists, electrical engineers, and biologists.
Familiarity with elastomers, casting methods and robotics will be welcome
skills but are not essential for otherwise well-qualified candidates. In
addition to building these robots, the candidate is expected to contribute
to scholarship in the form of research publications, patents, grant
applications and other collegial activities.

This DARPA funded project is a two year phase of research and development to
produce shape-changing robots. The approach is biomimetic, based on the
structural, mechanical and neural mechanisms that are found in soft-bodied
animals such as caterpillars. A key thrust of the project is to use “smart”
materials and structures to ultimately simplify the electronic control of
the robot. Other collaborators at Tufts are simultaneously developing
biopolymer materials for use in future versions of the robots.  It is
expected that a successful completion of this initial phase will lead to
continued support for creating entirely new types of devices based on soft
materials and their control through neuromechanics.

This is a bold initiative in a new area of biomimetic robots with many
opportunities for career development. For more information, or to begin the
application process, please contact the project leader below.

Professor Barry Trimmer
Director, Biomimetic Devices Laboratory
Tufts University,
Medford, MA 02155, USA
Tel (617)-627-3924
Fax (617)-627-3805
barry.trimmer at tufts.edu

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