[robotics-worldwide] collaborators needed: visually guided micro air vehicles

Joanna Bryson jjb at cs.bath.ac.uk
Wed Nov 7 02:51:50 PST 2007


By coincidence, two different people have contacted me asking about MAVs, 
which are not really my area of expertise!

a)  A colleague at Oxford (Zoology) is looking for very light, 
long-lasting camera systems with recording which can be attached to the 
tails of wild birds to study their behaviour.  They have already had some 
success (50%) retrieving these after the birds molt, but it is possible 
there is a bigger project here for autonomous homing after recording is 
complete.  However, even advice on light, small camera / permanent video 
storage would be much appreciated, and again research funding possible.  
This is a very large, long-term grant from a UK funding source, the 
current collaborators have a very high success rate with.  Please 
contact me in the first instance about this. 

b)  Prof. Ismet Gursul, a colleague from Bath's (excellent) mechanical 
engineering department who is an expert in aerodynamics is interested in 
getting involved in autonomous MAV.  He is looking for any collaboration, 
again with an aim to building systems.  Please feel free to contact either 
of us: 



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