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The International Advanced Robotics Programme organises

        the 7th IARP Workshop HUDEM'2008
        Robotics and Mechanical assistance in
        Humanitarian De-mining and
        Similar risky interventions

           28-30 March, 2008
        American University in Cairo (AUC), Cairo

         Call for Abstracts : www.iarp-robotics.org

        Robotics solutions properly sized with suitable modularized
mechanized structure and well adapted to local conditions of
dangerous unstructured areas can greatly improve the safety of
personnel as well as the work efficiency, productivity and
flexibility. Solving this problem presents challenges in robotic
mechanics and mobility, sensors and sensor fusion,autonomous or
semi autonomous navigation and machine intelligence.
        The workshop will review and discuss the available technologies,
their limitations, their adaptability to different environmental
natural or
artificial calamities (humanitarian demining obviously but also
Earthquake, fire, chemical pollution, natural disaster, CBRN-E threat,
etc) and discusses the development efforts to automate tasks related  to
demining / detection / interventions  processes wherever possible through
the use of Robotics Systems and other technologies.

Scope and Topics

        Specific topics include but are not limited to:

Mobile Robotics Systems (Design, control, command) for unstructured
environments (UGV,UAV, multi-robotics cooperation)
Modular Tool-Kit Solutions
Sensors and sensor fusion for detection as well  as for robot localization
Demonstrators – Tests Results
Human Machine Interface
Social aspects and education
Crisis management tools

Yvan Baudoin
RMS - Brussels - Belgium

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