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Enric Cervera enric.cervera at icc.uji.es
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International Workshop


Robotics for risky interventions and Environmental Surveillance

07-08 January 2008

Benic=A8=A4ssim =A8C SPAIN

Call for Abstracts

The general objective of the International Advanced Robotics =20
Programme (IARP) is to encourage development of advanced robotic =20
systems that can dispense human work for difficult activities in =20
harsh, demanding or dangerous environments; additionally, to =20
contribute to the revitalisation and growth of world economy.

The IARP working groups RI (Risky Interventions) and SE =20
(Environmental Surveillance) have been initiated by the European =20
partners of the FW6-IST projects View-Finder (aiming the assistance =20
of fire-fighting/protection services) and Guardians (aiming the use =20
of swarm of robots for Rescue assistance). After the first RISE=A1=AF2006 =
workshop, organised in Brussels, the second one will focus on the =20
objectives of both (European funded) projects and similar national or =20=

international initiatives.

Scope and Topics

Robotics solutions properly sized with suitable modularised =20
mechanised structure and well adapted to local conditions of fields =20
affected by a suspected or real disaster can greatly improve the =20
safety of personnel as well as work efficiency, productivity and =20
flexibility. Solving these problems presents challenges in robotic =20
mechanics and mobility, sensors and sensor fusion, autonomous or semi =20=

autonomous navigation and machine intelligence.

The workshop will review and discuss the available risky intervention/=20=

environmental surveillance technologies along with their limitations =20
and discusses the development efforts to automate tasks related to =20
detection / decontamination / neutralization process wherever =20
possible through robotisation. Specific topics include but are not =20
limited to:

=A1=F1         Inspection of fire or crisis grounds

=A1=F1         CBRN-E threats

=A1=F1         Humanitarian de-mining

=A1=F1         Map building and reconstruction

=A1=F1         Networked crisis management tools

=A1=F1         Human-Machine Interfaces

=A1=F1         Remote controlled, semi-autonomous, autonomous robot =20

=A1=F1         Multi-robot cooperation

=A1=F1         Swarm of robots

=A1=F1         Crisis Management tools

DEADLINE for ABSTRACT: 30 september 2007 to:

Yvan.baudoin at rma.ac.be  or

J.Penders at shu.ac.uk or

ecervera at icc.uji.es

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