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Erol SAHIN erol at ceng.metu.edu.tr
Wed Sep 12 04:43:36 PDT 2007

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                       Swarm Intelligence
              Special Issue on Swarm Robotics

       Guest Editors:  Erol Sahin and Alan FT Winfield

Swarm robotics is a new approach to the coordination of multi-robot systems
consisting of large numbers of relatively simple physical robots. The goal of
this approach is to study the design of robots (both their physical embodiment
and their controlling behaviors) such that desired collective behaviors emerge
from the interactions between robots and the interactions of the robots with
the environment. Swarm robotics is inspired by (but not limited to) the emergent
behaviors observed in social insects. This journal special issue solicits
high-quality scientific contributions on swarm robotics. While papers on any
aspect of swarm robotics are welcome, of special interest are submissions on:
*Design: Advances in the development of swarm intelligence algorithms for
robotic systems; principled approaches to engineering emergence; evolutionary
approaches to swarm robot control; swarm robot hardware and/or software design;
*Modelling and Analysis: Advances in mathematical models for analysis, and
prediction of the behaviors of swarms; approaches for assuring dependability or
stability of swarm robotic systems;
*Tools: Advances in both experimental hardware and simulation tools that aid
the development of swarm robotic systems;
*Applications: Actual or proposed applications of swarm robotics to real-world
problems; the use of swarm robotic systems as working models for advancing the
science or understanding of complex systems.

All researchers are invited to submit original work on topics relevant for this
special issue. The submission deadline is:
                          December 1, 2007.
The publication of the special issue is tentatively scheduled for autumn 2008.
Authors should submit their manuscripts to the Swarm Intelligence Editorial
Manager at http://www.editorialmanager.com/swrm/. Please, select "Special Issue
on Swarm Robotics" as the article type. When submitting a paper please also send
an email to the guest editors (erol at metu.edu.tr, alan.winfield at uwe.ac.uk), with
paper title and author list, to alert us of your submission.

A page with up-to-date information regarding the special issue is maintained at:
                   http://swarm-robotics.org/swrm/ .

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