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Call for Papers: NEW International Journal of Social Robotics, 

Springer http://www.editorialmanager.com/soro/


On behalf of the Editorial Board, we are very pleased to announce the
launch of the International Journal of Social Robotics, Springer, with
the goal of providing a common platform for researchers, scientists,
artists and designers to share their findings. The journal will publish
the latest developments in Social Robotics and its integration into our
society, covering relevant advances in engineering, computing,
psychology, arts, social sciences, and design philosophy. 


You are cordially invited to submit your original research and
discoveries on scientific, technological and philosophical advances in
social robots, and their interactions and communications with humans,
especially innovative ideas and concepts, new discoveries and
improvements, as well as novel applications on the latest fundamental
advances in the core technologies that form the backbone of Social
Robotics, distinguished developmental projects, as well as seminal works
in aesthetic design, ethics and philosophy, studies on social impact and
influence pertaining to, and its interaction and communication with
human beings and its social impact on our society. 


Social Robotics is the study of robots that are able to interact and
communicate among themselves, with humans, and with the environment,
within the social and cultural structure attached to their roles. Topics
of interest for the scientific papers and letters include but are not
limited to:

* Affective and cognitive sciences for socially interactive robots 

* Context awareness, expectation and intention understanding 

* Design philosophies and socially appealing design methodologies 

* Biomechatronics, neuro-robotics, and biomedical robotics 

* Human factors and ergonomics in human-robot interactions 

* Intelligent control and artificial intelligence for Social Robotics 

* Knowledge representation, information acquisition, and decision making

* Learning, adaptation and evolution of intelligence 

* Interaction and collaboration between robots, humans and environments 

* Multimodal sensor fusion and communication 

* Robot-ethics in human society 

* Interactive robotic arts 

* Social acceptance and impact in the society 

* Compliance, safety and compatibility in the design of social robots
"living" with humans 

* Software architecture and development tools 

* Human-robot interaction and robot-robot interaction 

* Models of human and animal social behaviour as applied to robots 

* Applications in education, entertainment, gaming, and healthcare. 


The inaugural volume of the journal will be published in January 2009.
Please submit your papers to the journal now to catch the first few
volumes for your impactful scientific contributions in the new field of
Social Robotics. The Editorial Board is committed to speedy review, fast
publication, and scientific impact.   


For more information, please visit: 

Submission On-Line: 


Description of the Journal 


Aims and Scope: 



Please circulate this among your friends and associates. Looking forward
to receiving your contributions soon.



Yours sincerely, 


Sam and Maja 


Shuzhi Sam Ge, Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Social
Robotics, Springer 

Maja Mataric, Co-Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Social
Robotics, Springer 


Professor Shuzhi Sam GE, FIEEE, PhD, DIC, BSc, PEng  

Director, Social Robotics Lab, Interactive Digital Media Institute, and 

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 

The National University of Singapore, Singapore 117576 

Tel: +65 6516 6821, Fax: +65 6779 1103, e-mail: samge at nus.edu.sg
<mailto:samge at nus.edu.sg>  


Professor Maja Mataric, FAAAS, PhD, S.M., B.S. 

Director, Centre for Robotics and Embedded Systems (CRES), and 

Computer Science Department & Neuroscience Program 

University of Southern California 

Tel: +1 213 740-1169, Fax: +1 213 821-5696, e-mail: mataric at usc.edu
<mailto:mataric at usc.edu>  



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